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by partxdeux
13 Feb 2006, 11:09
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: How do you do this kick up?
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=\ I don't know why they're saying this is hard I saw it and tried it and got it on the third time.
But I do lifts alot better than anything. I just it hit pretty hard in between my toes and my ankle and it goes straight up. It has a little bit of spin on it, though.
by partxdeux
13 Feb 2006, 11:07
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Record Juggling
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LoL, I went to a keeper training for ODP where it was only keepers and I was like the ONLY one who could freestyle. It was rather depressing. We had a break for about an hour and i got 600 in. My record is 1907
by partxdeux
13 Feb 2006, 11:02
Forum: Skills
Topic: How to practice your goalkicks
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I play keeper on a U16 premier team. When I do it I start a little bit back from behind the end line and take not long but not short steps to it at at 45 or 47 degree angle. But don't think about it, I found out the more I thought about it, the shorter and more ugly they became. Just scan the field ...
by partxdeux
24 Jan 2006, 03:40
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: sorry but.....rainbow(other tips on the fourm don't work)
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Hmm. I don't roll the ball up my dominant foot because controlling it going up my leg with my right foot feels weird. ( I'm a lefty ) Use the side of your heel when you hit it, and lean forward a tad bit. it should be quick. there's a kid on my team that can do a rainbow out of nowhere in the middle...
by partxdeux
18 Jan 2006, 21:39
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: "rainbow"
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just keep practicing it. i know the majority of people hit it with their heel? But i like to use my instep. it has more control and you can do it in practice =) don't roll it up your leg too hard though, that's a common mistake. lean forward and let it go over you. i have a mark on my old pumas from...
by partxdeux
18 Jan 2006, 21:35
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Help for a new freestyler?
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Help for a new freestyler?

I juggle all the time... I just saw this freestyle stuff a week ago and i realized i did alot of the stuff you guys do when I juggle...just didn't know it was freestyle. What are some tips on how to get my feet faster for an ATW? i can get it sometimes but a lot of the time my feet aren't quick enou...