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by Kew
12 Sep 2006, 14:25
Forum: Players
Topic: best player in asia
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Harry Kewell, well back in his leeds day anyways.

btw, Australia is in the Asian federation.
by Kew
12 Sep 2006, 14:24
Forum: Players
Topic: Overrated/Underrated
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overrated - Ronaldinho, Barca, Brazil. Watch the animation on croatiablood1's signiture. He wasted all that energy and still couldn't lose the defender. C.Ronaldo, Man U, Portugal - Only has one move, skillful but not as good as everyone say he is. Underrated - Tim Cahill, Everton, Australia. Scores...
by Kew
12 Sep 2006, 14:17
Forum: Players
Topic: Ronaldinho gettin a bit fat
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prob built up to fend off bigger defenders

having said that, i don't rate him. watch the animation on croatiablood1's signiture, he did all those fancy stuff and still couldn't lose the defender.
by Kew
12 Sep 2006, 12:58
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Positioning yourself at the right place at the right time
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from experience, the team plays in a formation. Stay in that shape eg, i play mostly as a winger, and i'll stay around the half way line and getting myself into space. If i'm to make a run, i'll tell whoever it is with the ball that im running. When i have the ball, i KNOW where the strikers are and...
by Kew
05 Jun 2006, 10:39
Forum: Equipment
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i can dribble, juggle, kick shoot whatever as good on my converse as my predators. if converse have studs i'll be wearing them to play.

shoes etc = marketing, don't buy stuff you don't need.

i remember a lot of them brasilians play bare foot
by Kew
05 Jun 2006, 10:28
Forum: World Cup
Topic: AUS 1 - Greece 0
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aus played well, a bit shaken up at the start, but this should be good for them to cope with the pressure.

good signs ahead
by Kew
26 Apr 2006, 12:36
Forum: Players
Topic: who is the biggest young talent in world football today?
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i doubt rooney would become captain yet.

just because he's good doesn't mean he has the leadership qualities to lead the team.

he's getting more mature..but still a way to go
by Kew
26 Apr 2006, 12:11
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Cheaper versions of nice boots
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i have the top end predators, and a bottom end one. the leather is different, and you can feel it. the k-leather of my top end preds are so much more comfy, softer and greater ball feel. while the bottom end ones, while i can still play in them, gives me blisters sooner and i can't shape my crosses/...
by Kew
26 Apr 2006, 12:09
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Football Boot Testers Wanted
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i can verify that nomis is authentic. i saw their reviews in soccer international magazine, although im yet to see them in the shops.

i am in no way connected to the company.

ok you can pay me now
by Kew
26 Apr 2006, 12:02
Forum: Players
Topic: David Beckham
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:shock: firstly, you can't say david beckham's right foot is crap. he is one of the most deadliest set piece taker in this generation. secondly, you don't know that he doesn't love the game. you can't say he doesn't play joga bonito, maybe because he's with adidas that's why he's not in those ads. i...
by Kew
28 Mar 2006, 11:26
Forum: Equipment
Topic: How long do you're boots last & How do you take care of
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hey do u brush off with a wet cloth? or damp cloth? what i did was, for the base i used an old toothbrush to scrap all the mud and what not off, and then i'd use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. then i'll use a dry cloth to dry. i can't do anything about teh shoelaces and the strap coz they're not rea...
by Kew
28 Feb 2006, 12:41
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Intelligent rants or something on your mind?
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ill add my $0.2 This world is pretty screwed up. but who can we blame? we can point fingers to the politicians, or to the media, or even point it to paris hilton. Maybe we can even point our finger to God, or Ala, or the buddha. We focus our energy and attention in debating about what's screwed up, ...
by Kew
27 Feb 2006, 13:29
Forum: Tactics
Topic: what should wingers do when def double team or mark tight?
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if u'r big, like me, u can muscle ur way thru. or, if u'r small, u can squeeze thru small gaps if u want the ball, then u get open. or dont move, so they stop double teaming u, and then u move again. if u'r realli not getting any action on the pitch, start talking to them. "so how r u? enjoying this...
by Kew
26 Feb 2006, 09:28
Forum: Equipment
Topic: ADIDAS Performance Shoe Bands
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what they are is they wrap around your boots to provide a cleaner striking area.

what it does is leech money off u and makes u feel u'r kicking the ball harder.
by Kew
26 Feb 2006, 00:36
Forum: Skills
Topic: JDefoe's shooting guide
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good guide. but i broke my ankle last christmas and ever since i have been having trouble kickin the ball with force because my ankle always hurts. and my aiming is really bad. any suggestions or tips? :roll: see a physio, they can teach u the proper way to strengthen ur ankle. It's important that ...