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by madsucker
12 Sep 2007, 00:57
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Topic: To pursue your dream...
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How does this work exactly?
by madsucker
14 Jun 2007, 01:55
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Total Football system
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Total Football system

I am pretty interested in the system of "Total Football," popularized by the Dutch team and Johan Cruyff in the '70's.
Do you think it's possible for one to train with this system, and if so, how? Or, do you think that it is unnecessary?
by madsucker
16 Sep 2006, 04:14
Forum: Competition
Topic: Not Making the Team
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you shouldn't quit. In order to make the jv team, which would be awesome for you, depends on your type and level of training that you undertook for thispast tryout. If you aren't handling the ball everyday, I would suggest just hitting the ball against a wall for an hour or two everyday, which incre...
by madsucker
02 Jun 2006, 17:28
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Carriocca's (or kereoke as I pronounce it) is a warm up where you move your body sideways in one direction with your feet alternating positions of forward and backward. For example, because my definition is hopelessly vague, let's say your on the soccer field and you face a goal (you don't have to b...
by madsucker
02 Jan 2006, 19:52
Forum: Competition
Topic: how to training with Div. 1 college team?
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how to training with Div. 1 college team?

Holler, I was wondering if there was a good way of preparing to train with a division 1 ncaa team, because I have taken the fall season off, and now I want to step up my game. I don't know what level I should train to prepare, because I do the sprints, work with the ball, etc, but I am hazy on what ...