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by jordanbajema
04 May 2005, 20:22
Forum: Competition
Topic: Dirty tricks
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I play dirty on the ocassion but my dirty playing is more like just playing really rough. But when i do play dirty it is only against other people who are playing dirty against me. I do this partially to protect my self and partially to keep them in check
by jordanbajema
09 Apr 2005, 15:18
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Strength, height and power
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I'm 6'3" ad getting bigger.....but it seems that i get alot more fouls called on me cuz i am larger than evry other kid out there (except some of the goalies) so do you think this is biased or just bad luck
by jordanbajema
09 Apr 2005, 15:13
Forum: European Football
Topic: Most exciting league
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you know what german and dutch leagues are where its at 8)
by jordanbajema
09 Apr 2005, 15:07
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Discuss Owen4ever's Video
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Wow :shock: ...... how long did it take you to learn all of that
by jordanbajema
21 Feb 2005, 02:37
Forum: Community
Topic: How old are you
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I am 15, it seems that most people on this forum are in thier teen years