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by cpspartans1499
11 Feb 2008, 01:23
Forum: Wall of Shame
Topic: undershorts
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hey, iwannagopro, do you wear tight shorts bcuz u got a small package?
by cpspartans1499
18 Jan 2008, 02:06
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Hey which boots should i get i have 3 choices
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which boots should i get?

I had the f50.7s and they were the most uncomfortable cleats i have ever felt. U might like the vapors but if i were u i would highly consider the power swerves
by cpspartans1499
09 Jan 2008, 23:03
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: EF Squad list
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stopper, CB
by cpspartans1499
07 Jan 2008, 00:35
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: tournaments
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is anyone doin the disney tournament?
by cpspartans1499
02 Jan 2008, 02:55
Forum: Players
Topic: Whats your Favourite Goal?
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favourite goal

Roberto carlos kills them all. that ball broke the laws of physics.
by cpspartans1499
02 Jan 2008, 02:47
Forum: Equipment
Topic: looking for most power and accurate boot?
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new boots

i have vapors and i love them. By the way they dont hurt when u get cleated thats bs. I have the metal studs so if someone trys to cleat me i cleat them back.
by cpspartans1499
31 Dec 2007, 21:07
Forum: Equipment
Topic: I need new boots!
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choice of new boots

IN my opinion u should get vapors. I just got my first pair and i love them. And u can wait for the 4s to come out.
by cpspartans1499
31 Dec 2007, 01:13
Forum: Competition
Topic: i need some help
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i need some help

Im 13 and play for the central pasco spartans in florida and i want to play striker because i used to play it and i loved it. However both of our strikers r faster than me. I have one of if not the best foot on the team. HOwever i was taken out of striker a few years ago because my coach and i notic...
by cpspartans1499
28 Dec 2007, 23:54
Forum: Equipment
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unreleased boots

those lasers r sick the ledgends r no diff and the vapors in red r sick the will match many of my local clubs
by cpspartans1499
28 Dec 2007, 15:56
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Concerns regarding Adidas F50.7
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I have recent expierence with them and those were the most uncomfortable cleats ever. Also i lost numerous amounts of studs. I even bought inserts and they hurt even more.
by cpspartans1499
28 Dec 2007, 03:17
Forum: Competition
Topic: youth soccer
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youth soccer

In florida the ODP program is very political.. is it worth being on?
by cpspartans1499
28 Dec 2007, 03:13
Forum: Equipment
Topic: vapors making my heel hurt?
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Re: vapors making my heel hurt?

get inserts my friend had the same problem and it healed perfectly
by cpspartans1499
27 Dec 2007, 21:34
Forum: Players
Topic: The most hated team in the world
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