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by outkast3r09
03 Jul 2006, 02:04
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Brazil goes down in Quarters ..BIG UPSET?!?
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Brazil goes down in Quarters ..BIG UPSET?!?

Wow idk bout you but i was suprised how France Dominated that game.... how brazil had 0 shots in the first half and how france dominated that game.... COULD france Be a World Cup Match For Germany.... IF they play like they did to brazil they should make it to the finals ... Italy was looking phenom...
by outkast3r09
03 Jul 2006, 01:58
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Cristiano Ronaldo
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Omfg about that play that was the worst call ever first of all there should have been a fall before rooney fell down and accidently kicked him in the nuts.... the guy was nearly hanging on the back of his shirt trying to get the ball ... and its a shame that ronaldo would be a little baby and suck u...
by outkast3r09
03 Jul 2006, 01:54
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Murilo Part 5
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I think since Brazilians are so dang good that they should tape down 20 pound weights to the soles of their shoes as a handi-cap ... although FRANCE BEAT THEM WOOOOOHOOOOO
by outkast3r09
25 Dec 2005, 04:37
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss No Added Sugar
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Roonablo, Teach me ur wisdom of stalling the ball like everywhere.... i know im a begginer but i can tell these guys are the S**tz...
by outkast3r09
23 Dec 2005, 01:03
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss AZN Freestyle
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Hey Azn... as you know im new and uve been talking to me about the ATW....well in the movie it looks like you kinda stall the ball upwards or is that you just hovering under the ball?
by outkast3r09
21 Dec 2005, 23:36
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Shenker's video
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Heh, it looked like you were trying to do the moonwalk like michael jackson when you did the ground tricks without a ball..
by outkast3r09
21 Dec 2005, 02:20
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Rainbow
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Ok, When I practice "rainbowing", the ball goes up but usually doesnt get high enough or it doesnt go ahead of me. Is there something with where im positioning the ball on my leg?
by outkast3r09
08 Dec 2005, 02:19
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: How Do you Stall ETC.
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How Do you Stall ETC.

Not to long of a Question.... How do you Stall it the ball on your foot and also how do you swing your foot over the ball so fast. Is there a technique or training that I can do to fullfill these goal. Im a Beginner of Freestyle and I know these are bad questions Lol