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by Buddy08
03 Jun 2010, 19:35
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: The Hangover
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What do tigers dream of, when they take a little tiger snooze. Do they dream of mauling zebras, or haley berry in her cat woman suit? haha
by Buddy08
19 May 2010, 18:53
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Brian Tracy - Goals
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Nicely done. Well put together. Thank you
by Buddy08
07 May 2010, 19:51
Forum: Skills
Topic: A question about : Speed and tricks
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Your feet will get thicker? Haha running is one of the only things that to get better at, you just have to do it.
by Buddy08
18 Mar 2008, 00:02
Forum: User Created
Topic: SOTW #4
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well heres mine :D


any criticism is appreciated
by Buddy08
14 Mar 2008, 12:19
Forum: Skills
Topic: Penalty Taking tips
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Pick a spot, choose it, and entirely focus on it for your PK, don't change your mind or let anything else distract you. This is essential. If you hesitate or second guess yourself during a pk...kiss it goodbye. Thats for both sides of the ball as well. As a goalie you should be ready to fully commi...
by Buddy08
10 Mar 2008, 13:26
Forum: Skills
Topic: help i cant hit the ball anymore
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practice, practice, practice. My left foot is terrible but its definitely improved alot just because I at least attempt to use it every now and then. Even juggling I use to just juggle with my right foot now I'm a two footed juggler and alternate between left and right. Just keep at it and if you ar...
by Buddy08
10 Mar 2008, 13:19
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Concerns regarding Adidas F50.7
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Kind of a dead topic but I just got my F50.7s this weekend. I lost one stud in my yard (i found it but still), but I didn't tighten the studs enough. The next day I went and played for 2 hours and didn't lose one. You just have to make sure you tighten them before you play and you should be fine. Al...
by Buddy08
10 Mar 2008, 13:13
Forum: Skills
Topic: Best way of getting around a defender.
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i guess its more of what you feel more comfortable with. I would say do what Kakasgotskillz said and just knock it past him and run onto it. Even if your aren't speedy you can still beat him especially if you catch him off balance and even if hes not you have to just move forward whereas he has to t...
by Buddy08
10 Mar 2008, 13:08
Forum: World Cup
Topic: anybody got tickets?
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wow thats a big picture...
by Buddy08
07 Mar 2008, 13:37
Forum: Fitness
Topic: are you a long distance runner or short distacne
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that time is amazing. thanks :D Ya you don't have to be an amazing long distance runner, but they say that the average soccer player runs about 6-8 miles per game. It's not all continuous running, but to have the stamia to make those long and short sprints up and down the field and be able to do it...
by Buddy08
25 Feb 2008, 14:23
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Help!!!
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I would say your doing everything right. I wouldn't worry about alittle extra weight though. Your body is about to grow so everyone experiences a weight gain before a growth spirt...just the human body at work. Keep up the good work and good luck to ya
by Buddy08
25 Feb 2008, 14:02
Forum: Skills
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ya I've had that happen before. Don't worry about it. Just do as Soccer4life said and relax. Maybe step back and take a look at yourself when you kick you know? ease up on the power and just focus on getting the correct technique back.
by Buddy08
25 Feb 2008, 13:58
Forum: Tactics
Topic: A good striker...
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I would say go to youtube and look up videos of Fernando Torres. He has anything that makes a true striker. Always in the defender's mind and always knows the right runs as well as having the pace and ball control to do something when he does get the ball. Nobody can deny that Torres doesn't have th...
by Buddy08
25 Feb 2008, 13:51
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Getting a "Football Brain"
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I'll agree with the playing small sided games where the game is more fast paced where its more essential for you to be able to think on the run and know where your open players are. I would also agree with that you get a "football mind" by experience and by being around your teammates. Once you play...
by Buddy08
04 Jan 2008, 01:46
Forum: Skills
Topic: Striker's touch
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i think that strikers not only need a good first touch but good other touches too. i mean your first touch can be good but if your next one is 10 yards ahead of you when your running i mean...thats too easy. Strikers have to have a great knowledge about the whole game. i know its already been said b...