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by CentreBackBench
25 Oct 2007, 07:29
Forum: Skills
Topic: The Cadillac program for developing skill
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Great guide, it's really useful. Just thought I should add for anybody that doesn't know, that there are A LOT more plyometric exercises. If it hasn't been done before I'll make a guide all about that.

P.S. I love defoe as well but for some reason whenever I read your name I read it as Joe Pedo :P
by CentreBackBench
22 Oct 2007, 09:46
Forum: Tactics
Topic: The 10 commandments
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I like them, but this is one that i can't believe hasn't come up yet:

"Thou shalt not passeth thy ball across thy face of ones own goal"
by CentreBackBench
22 Oct 2007, 09:40
Forum: Tactics
Topic: [Poll] What is the best formation
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---x--x--x--- ----x---x---- --x--------x-- ----x---x---- ------x------- With a good striker and decent midfielders I like this formation, a 3-2-2-2-1 ---x--x--x--x--- -------x--x----- ----x---x---x--- --------x-------- also a favourite of mine There are so many good formation, then you have players ...
by CentreBackBench
22 Oct 2007, 08:51
Forum: European Football
Topic: Best team in Europe at the moment
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Liverpool's style of play doesn't work amazing in the premier league, but it does n CL. That's why they are doing well. I think to find the best team, you have to rate team by themselves instead of comparing them to other team, which is a rock, paper, scissors affair. Right now, Arsenal are gelling ...
by CentreBackBench
22 Oct 2007, 08:32
Forum: English football
Topic: Mourinho leaves Chelsea
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this is like a gift sent from God for myself and spurs. I loved jol, i love how he made spurs an entertaining team to watch, and when the first calls came for him to be sacked, i thought it was rediculous, but with Mourinho out there, they need to make every effort to get him, if not for this year,...
by CentreBackBench
22 Oct 2007, 08:12
Forum: English football
Topic: Arsenal 07/08 form
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If Henry were to rejoin Arsenal and play as a team member, in theory it would be epic. But Arsenal did a good thing getting rid of him, although they did it relatively cheaply, he is getting old and had that groin injury that didn't seem to get any better. I think they should have held on to their m...
by CentreBackBench
22 Oct 2007, 00:07
Forum: Competition
Topic: Tryouts - A Guide to The Mental Aspect
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I just had my first ever trial a few days ago, wish I had seen this earlier. I didn't know what to expect, was played in centre mid instead of defence, and just had a bad games. Yesterday I had my second trials and I did decent, so in a few days when I have my next trials hopefully things will get b...
by CentreBackBench
20 Oct 2007, 12:08
Forum: Skills
Topic: Diving
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Lots of refs are idiots, so if I get an unfair challenge and manage to keep on my feet then quite often I don't get the free I deserve. This has happened a lot to me, so I let myself fall over, but I do not dive.
by CentreBackBench
20 Oct 2007, 11:53
Forum: Skills
Topic: Which tricks do you actually use in a real game?
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I'm a defender so passing is my game, but fakes and single step overs are really useful in high pressure situations. When dribbling I usually just swap the ball to the other foot and run around, or get the defender off balance. Simple stuff. I also love doing feints and lunges in different direction...
by CentreBackBench
20 Oct 2007, 11:42
Forum: Skills
Topic: how to practice soccer with a tennis ball
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I don't have much time to write suggestions, but try to play in high pressure situations. Get your friends to all try to take the ball of you while you try to get it past them, or something like that. Firstly, it will help you work in game situations much better and secondly, as soon as you play a r...