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by soccadelic
06 Mar 2006, 01:29
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Strength, height and power
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i read some of the posts. and sorry to all the big players out there. i'm 5'6, a forward and i play for my university team. more then 95% of the time i'm the smallest on the field.but anyway, i do draw more fouls due to my size, when fellows that 6'2 are defending me when i get " knocked over". i th...
by soccadelic
28 Nov 2005, 05:29
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Pro soccer players freestyling
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owen4ever my friend i definatly agree with you. being able to juggle is on of the foundations of any serious soccer well you juggle truly does affect the type of touches you have on the pitch. on my high school squad it was umquestionably expected thta we be able to keep the ball up for a...
by soccadelic
28 Nov 2005, 04:48
Forum: Skills
Topic: Your way of beating defenders
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getting past defenders

hey. i read on some of your ways getting past defenders. i think i'll try some of them in my next game. well , anyhow i'm a forward and not too built 5'6, 138 lbs and i'm 18 . i can hold my onw aganist defens. that are stronger than me. normally what i do is use my speed against them. ex: if a defen...