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by Microchip
06 Sep 2007, 18:33
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Nessun Dorma - Italia 90
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I'm italian and I'm really sorry for the death of Pavarotti. He was one of the greatest singers of anytime.

RIP Luciano *
by Microchip
06 Sep 2007, 13:12
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Ball loses air
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Oh well, I think it's impossible to repair it. It's better if you go where you brought it and ask if you can change it...if not... :cry:
by Microchip
06 Sep 2007, 12:11
Forum: Skills
Topic: Shooting power
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In my opinion, the muscles aren't the only way to shoot powefully. The important thing is the COORDINATION. If you move your arms and your chest correctly, you'll shot the ball with something like 25-30% more than normal power. That's a phisical rule: if you move your body correctly, the ball will r...
by Microchip
06 Sep 2007, 12:06
Forum: Skills
Topic: Improving Reflexes During the Game
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The key is experience first and training later. I used to have this problem when I started to play futsal, I was deleting it by playing many time and with a particular training. I made this thing: I took a ball and I hit it to a wall at 30 cm by my feet, rapidly. I don't know if you understand what ...
by Microchip
06 Sep 2007, 10:04
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Hello guys
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Hello guys

Hi guys! I'm new of freestyle world and I must thank you for this forum. It helped me a lot to make me learn some nice tricks. :) I'm a "strange" freestyler, because I can't do more than 30 juggles but I mastered 2 moves in few time (thank to your videos :) ), that are ATW and I don't know how the o...