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by nicolausoccer123
19 Jul 2008, 03:50
Forum: Fitness
Topic: One of the most difficult things I've had to go through
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woah u play for fc delco? so ur were at the us development academy thing right? did u get to play at the home depot center in los angeles?
by nicolausoccer123
14 Jul 2008, 21:44
Forum: Fitness
Topic: I pulled my neck muscle
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I pulled my neck muscle

yeah i pulled it when i turned my head super fast today and it hurt really bad.
now i cant even turn my head and i got soccer practice this week.

how long will it take to heal, because ive iced it once.

what exercises can i do to help speed up the healing?

it hurts like hell...D=
by nicolausoccer123
31 Mar 2008, 23:00
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Sprained toe? or torn toe ligament?
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Sprained toe? or torn toe ligament?

i injured my toe from b ball at school and it hurts like hell right above the toe.
like where ur toe starts off and its really swolen and i cant bend it.
its been like this for a couple weeks.

has anybody had this problem?

will icing or elevating it help it heal quicker?
by nicolausoccer123
31 Mar 2008, 02:07
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Topic: pulled back muscle (from skating)
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pulled back muscle (from skating)

i pulled my lower left back muscle from skating
and i had a soccer tourny and it hurt like hell after the games
i cant sit down cuz when i get up, there would be unbelievable pain.
its healing slowly but i need to know whos had this problem

plzz help!
by nicolausoccer123
01 Mar 2008, 04:59
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Topic: Toe Ligament?!?!?!?
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Toe Ligament?!?!?!?

i dont know what happened, but at PE at school, we played bball and i moved side to side alot and like a day after, ive always had alotta pain in my toe and it hurts alot when i out pressure on it. its been hard to play soccer and practice because its hard to its ur toe cmon. plz help..has ...
by nicolausoccer123
21 Jan 2008, 01:01
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Topic: Skateboarding
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yo guys, any of you skateboard?
is a plan b board a good one to get?
and r frontage trucks cool?
by nicolausoccer123
31 Dec 2007, 18:58
Forum: Equipment
Topic: What did you get for the Holidays?
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Re: What did you get for the Holidays?

i got a bucket of poop
by nicolausoccer123
29 Dec 2007, 05:30
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Topic: looking for most power and accurate boot?
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looking for most power and accurate boot?

i was looking for a new pair of soccer boots and im looking for one with power and accuracy?
thinking about the predator swerves, does anybody have any other suggestions?

and i dont want a boot with like thin material, like vapors when someone steps on ur foot it hurts like hell. =/
by nicolausoccer123
28 Dec 2007, 04:46
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Topic: Knee Problems
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Re: Knee Problems

hey im 13, and i had this injury on both of my knees. i never thot it would heal, and i went to the doctors like 3 times and they said it would eventually heal. just continue what your doing and always ice it ALOT after ur training. i actually used athletic tape when i went training or to games and ...
by nicolausoccer123
27 Dec 2007, 02:20
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Topic: vapors making my heel hurt?
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vapors making my heel hurt?

ive had my vapors for awhile and suddenly my heel is starting to hurt when i start running and the squishy yellow stuff on my vapors dont help me at all! and im also starting to get blisters on the top part of my heel. can someone help me solve this problem or just lose the vapors and wear my adidas...
by nicolausoccer123
13 Oct 2007, 04:26
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Topic: Osgood schlatter disease
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hey bro im 13 and i have it on both knees but my right knee got better but the bump is like a golf ball but i still got it on my left, but its slowly healing and i ice alot, ice helps alot and i tape it before i play which helps alot. so try tape dude.
by nicolausoccer123
07 Oct 2007, 00:19
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Topic: Nike soccer boots
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Re: Nike soccer boots

get adidas copa mundials homie they r made in germany kangaroo leather awesome touch and power.
by nicolausoccer123
27 Sep 2007, 02:35
Forum: Fitness
Topic: One of the most difficult things I've had to go through
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hey im really sorry about your injury it really made me wake up when i read your thing, i realized not to think to far ahead and enjoy soccer when im able to play. ive had a knee injury for almost a year now actually on both knees, just below the knee cap and its been bothering me forever. but it wo...