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by deniz0n
16 Jul 2007, 16:45
Forum: Skills
Topic: The ultimate drill for increasing finishing
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ani1 can re-upload the image? i cant see what i need to do to improve finishing...thx
by deniz0n
15 Jul 2007, 19:58
Forum: Skills
Topic: Which tricks do you actually use in a real game?
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Cuts, body fakes, stepovers, elastico, hocus-pocus, zidane 360...uh i use so much tricks...
by deniz0n
15 Jul 2007, 19:55
Forum: Skills
Topic: what part you play in goals
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I`m a striker, but i do both. I like to be a midfielder because i assist good, and score goals.
by deniz0n
12 Jul 2007, 19:43
Forum: Fitness
Topic: back strength
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That is a good question.I think when u are good in strength, and when u fall on to grass, that will dont hurt u. But if u arent good in strength, u will feel hurt when u do bicycle kick.

u - you :)