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by sjr_1490
17 Jun 2008, 04:35
Forum: European Football
Topic: Portugal vs. Germany
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At this point, Germany isn't really playing that well. Sure they're getting the job done with a 1-0 win against austria, but it wasn't that much more progressed than the 2-0 defeat at the hands of Croatia along with what now seems like a mediocre victory against Poland. Few real chances created and ...
by sjr_1490
13 Mar 2008, 03:37
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Abs, Air Alert 3
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I would strongly advise you not to do Air Alert 3. I did air alert 2 and a) it took a lot of time b) i didn't gain any vertical c) a lot of people have reported developing knee injuries as well as muscle imbalances after using it. I would suggest a weights program combined with plyometrics or if you...
by sjr_1490
11 Dec 2007, 02:38
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Mile time
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I ran a 5:18 a while ago when I was 14 ( I'm 17 almost 18 now) and that was timing on my wristwatch at our school's track. I was also in very very good shape. I'd be interested to see how fast I could run it now.
by sjr_1490
30 Nov 2007, 17:21
Forum: Fitness
Topic: What are your 40 yard times?
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4.65 is pretty good. are you known for being one of the faster players on the pitch when you play?
by sjr_1490
10 Aug 2007, 15:29
Forum: Fitness
Topic: how long will it take u to get abs?
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^ what they said ^

abs are built in the kitchen, not in the weightroom.
by sjr_1490
02 Aug 2007, 02:56
Forum: Skills
Topic: Slide Tackling
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Watch some Fabio Cannavaro and John Terry clips. They are great tacklers and it helped motivate me to become a better defender by being aggressive and tackling when necessary.
by sjr_1490
02 Aug 2007, 02:51
Forum: Players
Topic: Strongest player in the world
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According to fifa, John Terry appears to be one of the strongest in the game.

Idk, but I've seen a video where Oguchi Onyewu EASILY benches about 265lbs 5 or 6 times. I know that doesn't mean hes the strongest, but it gives one an idea.
by sjr_1490
23 Jul 2007, 18:59
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Michael Vick
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yeah, apparently he would choke, electricute, drowned, hang, and throw the dogs if they weren't performing up to his standards in the ring. hes a sick fu**, i hope he gets owned in jail, that is, if he ever goes.
by sjr_1490
05 Jul 2007, 23:10
Forum: Competition
Topic: Selection of national teams U.S.
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Selection of national teams U.S.

How exactly do they go about making selections for the national teams in the United States?

I heard that a top ranked U-18 club team beat the U-17 U.S. national team pretty handily. Anyone else hear about this? Is this the sign of a major flaw in the system?
by sjr_1490
05 Jul 2007, 23:04
Forum: Competition
Topic: ODP is Crap
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Our ODP program here isn't very good. The team is made up of a bunch of individuals and kids that have been on the team from previous years. They also suck big time when they play other teams, but I think Colorado's ODP is pretty good.
by sjr_1490
05 Jul 2007, 22:37
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Soccer fitness Program
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if you're playing soccer on these off days, you guys think that would be sufficient for plyos/agility and even cardio? unless of course you don't play very hard. lets face it, you cover all 3 in a soccer match. this is a good basic program for soccer. if you don't have any weights, find a local gym ...
by sjr_1490
21 Jun 2007, 05:51
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Whats your age & how much can you bench press?
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bench press obviously is not the most important exercise for a soccer player. however, a little mass/strength in your chest and upper body area can't hurt, especially when you're playing against very physical teams, collisions happen. i know a kid that had two collapsed lungs cuz he took a shoulder ...
by sjr_1490
01 Jun 2007, 02:52
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Why Does the US Suck compared to all the other Euro teams???
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well, speaking to a pro football player, they really don't run very much. he said a lot of short sprints, agility drills, and lifting weights. he told me he was in better condition in high school because they ran a lot more, which could just mean cardiovascularly. neways, our high school team runs a...
by sjr_1490
31 May 2007, 04:47
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Why Does the US Suck compared to all the other Euro teams???
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meh, our high school american football team is in better shape than most of the pros. 40 or 50 kids on the team, all 11 starters play both sides of the ball for a large majority of the game.
by sjr_1490
30 May 2007, 05:58
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Formations
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which do you perfer and why? 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 4-3-3, 3-4-3, 3-5-2?
Sorry if this topic has been discussed before already.