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How to dribble with the ball Dribbling is done with the inside, outside and the sole of the foot. You should be able to run with the ball...

Ball Control

How to control the ball Ball control is one of the most essential skills in football: a poor first touch and the play is usually over for the...


How to kick the ball Kicking the ball is a fundamental skill in soccer used for passing and shooting. Producing a good kick is mostly about balance and...

Skills and Tips from Zidane

Zidane describes some of his moves and talks about players that he admires. “[Heading is] not a question of height, there are smaller players that are going to...

Dribbling Moves

Basic moves This is a simple, but very effective move. You start by pushing the ball to the inside using your instep and then you immediately accelerate in...

Stalls Tutorial

Press on any image to see an animation.
Soccer Freestyle Tutorial

Soccer Freestyle Tutorial

Press on any image to see an animation. Special thanks to Sputnik and Owen4Ever for their help in compiling this tutorial.

Practicing Against the Wall

Trapping drills This is a basic trapping exercise where you strike the ball against the wall and control it as it comes back. You can practice trapping with...


How to catch the ball With goalkeeping, the margin for getting away with mistakes is very low. Safety and effectiveness should be your primary concern. The keeper is...


How to pressure the ball Skillful defenders can read and anticipate their opponent’s moves. Typically, when the attacker has the ball at his feet you have to jockey...


How to head the ball One of the most common obstacles with heading the ball is overcoming your natural fear of getting hit on the head by a...

Mike Delaney: “The Most Important Thing is the Audience”

Mike Delaney is a respected freestyler and former footballer from England. You’ve probably seen him on TV starring in the popular Adidas and Pepsi commercials. Mike was gracious...
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