Dribbling Moves

Basic moves

This is a simple, but very effective move. You start by pushing the ball to the inside using your instep and then you immediately accelerate in the opposite direction. The trick is to switch direction as quickly as possible so the defender doesn’t have time to react.

This move was often used by the Brazilian midfielder Roberto Rivelino. The Rivelino starts with a stepover feint. Next, you push the ball using the outside of your foot and accelerate. For the move to work, you really have to make the stepover look convincing.

The Scissors feint involves moving your foot around and planting it next to the ball. It’s important to accelerate right after performing the feint. Also, make sure to practice the scissors while the ball is moving.

Intermediate moves

The Puskas move, named after the legendary Hungarian attacker, can be quite effective when the defender is close. Pull the ball back and push it sideways with the inside of your foot. Some players like to fake a pass before performing the move.

This move might look more complicated than it is. Start by rolling the ball sideways in front of your body, throw a scissors feint and accelerate in the opposite direction. Rolling the ball sideways usually invites the defender to step in.

First, let the ball roll away from you body. When the defender commits, pull the ball back with the sole of your foot and spin around. The Roulette can sometimes be performed as you are receiving the ball.

Advanced moves

The Sleeper is effective when the defender is jockeying. Slide the ball forward with your inside, then quickly stop it by placing the sole of your foot on top.

The key to the Scotch move is angling your body. You have to turn your hips 45 degrees relative to the direction where you want to go. Otherwise, the ball will hit your supporting leg or fly off to the side.

This is Ronaldihno’s signature move, called the Elastico. Use the outside of your foot to drag the ball sideways and then push it inside using the same foot. Make sure your foot remains close to the ball or else the move won’t look convincing.
Updated: July 1, 2016
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