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Quiz: What Type of Dribbler Are You?

This 24-question quiz will try to analyze what type of dribbler you are and where you best fit on the field. Remember, this is an assessment of your ability, not a test of your knowledge.

Check each sentence that reflects the way you play:

In some 50/50 battles, I get pushed off the ball.

When dribbling, I look at the center or bottom part of the ball.

When pressured, I can always dribble into safety.

When dribbling, I always know what my passing options are.

While dribbling, I can turn in any direction with just one strike.

When I dribble at top speed sometimes, I lose control of the ball.

I don’t have a “trademark” or favorite move.

When the ball is in my possession sometimes, I get tackled unexpectedly.

I can cut the ball effectively with both feet.

I find it ineffective to try and nutmeg my opponents.

I often dribble to open passing lanes for myself.

At times, it feels like my feet are too slow.

I usually beat defenders who try to tackle me.

When facing an opponent, I feel like I lack options.

I find that trying to shield the ball slows me down.

I find it harder to beat defenders who are jockeying.

If there’s open space in front of me, I don’t pass the ball right away, I dribble forward.

I always accelerate as I approach a defender.

When dribbling, I use my elbow to repel opponents away.

I usually have to slow down or stop the ball before I execute a dribbling move.

Once I beat an opponent, he has no chance of tackling me again.

Opponents often try to slide tackle me.

I can go around opponents with one or two strikes.

I often dribble away from the opponent’s goal.

Updated: June 29, 2016
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