Practicing Against the Wall

Trapping drills

This is a basic trapping exercise where you strike the ball against the wall and control it as it comes back. You can practice trapping with different parts of the body such as the foot, thigh or chest. Focus on trapping the ball with a single touch. As you get comfortable, start serving the ball harder. Get used to checking to the ball instead of waiting for it to arrive.

Turning drills

Serve the ball and when it comes back, turn with it and dribble for a few meters. There are many variations and turns that you can practice. Working on these drills should never feel too comfortable so make sure to challenge yourself with lofted and bouncing balls.

Passing drills

You can use the wall to work on your passing too. The great thing about the wall is that it allows you to do a lot repetitions so you can master the technique quicker.

Shooting drills

Play the ball against the wall and when it comes back shoot it right away. This imitates real game situations such as finishing crosses. There are many variations to this drill for example turning before you shoot.

Updated: July 18, 2016
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