Drills: Receiving the Ball

Receiving into space

Set up two cones approximately 16 meters (19 yards) apart. Begin by standing at one end, with your back towards the other cone. Flick the ball over your head, then turn and run into its path. Don’t slow down at the moment of contact, but continue accelerating to the cone in front of you.

Inside of the foot

Start out at the first cone by tossing the ball up. At the moment the ball hits the ground redirect it with the inside of your foot. Turn your body in its path and continue dribbling towards the next cone.

Outside of the foot

Stay on your toes and quickly adjust to the ball as it falls. This is a fundamental technique, so make sure you have mastered it using both feet. Bring the cones closer together to make the exercise more difficult.


Toss the ball up and stall it with the instep of your foot. Then, turn 180-degrees and move towards the next cone.

Cut under body

This move is used when a defender is closing in or is directly in front of you. The cut under body will give you an extra step over your opponent. The move is often used by wingers.

Updated: July 18, 2016
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