Dribbling Around Cones


Start at one end of the cones and slalom through as quickly as you can. Use both feet to push the ball inside and out. To go faster don’t push the ball farther away from your body, instead focus on moving your feet more quickly.

Same foot

Slalom through the cones using the same foot. The secret of this drill is in planting your supporting foot. Notice how the supporting foot is moved from one side of the to cones to the other. Make sure to practice with your weak foot too.

Inside cut

Go through the cones by striking the ball with the arch of your foot. Move your body laterally each time you cut the ball.


This is a simple drill where you roll the ball squarely to the row of cones. Once the ball has rolled across, gently tap it forward to advance to the next cone.

Updated: July 1, 2016
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