Skills and Tips from Zidane

Zidane describes some of his moves and talks about players that he admires.

“[Heading is] not a question of height, there are smaller players that are going to have an incredible sense of timing who are going to jump at the right moment… I think that it’s all a question of timing.”

“I’ve got the ball and I’m running with it. At one point I push it too much towards you… if you think you can get the ball, you’re going to go for it and that’s when I do [the Roulette]”

“[On free kicks] I aim for the heads, the top of the wall. Usually it works, because either the ball hits them right in the head, either they duck a little or they don’t jump.”

“[Control is] the most important thing in football, because it enables you to keep the game moving… If you are able to control properly and get away from the defender, then you’ve got different possibilities.”

“[When taking a penalty] it’s best to know beforehand where you are going to shoot… If you know beforehand where you are aiming, generally it’s a good shot.”

“Everyone knows what [Maradona] is capable of, but during training he makes moves that are even more incredible.”

Updated: April 18, 2017
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