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How to kick the ball

Kicking the ball is a fundamental skill in soccer used for passing and shooting. Producing a good kick is mostly about balance and composure. It takes a lot of practice and repetition when you are learning any technique, so the following tutorial is merely a reference that should be supplemented by many hours of training.

Striking the ball

The placement of your supporting foot is as important as your kicking foot. Planting your supporting foot in line with the ball will keep your shot trajectory low. If you plant your supporting foot farther back, you’ll produce a lofted shot. Your upper body also affects the height of the ball. When you are leaning back your shot will be high, but if you lean forward the ball will usually remain low.
To produce a powerful shot or pass you have to drive your kicking foot and follow-through. If you have trouble remembering to follow-through, try landing on your kicking foot after you strike the ball.


Before striking a volley, you need to stay on your toes and adjust to the path of the ball. Do not swing before you have adjusted yourself properly to the ball. Stay composed and focus on timing the volley. A good volley is largely determined by the timing of your swing.

Techniques for kicking the ball

Inside of the foot (push pass)

Plant your supporting foot about 10 cm (4-5 inches) to the side of the ball with your toes pointed in direction of the target. With your ankle locked at about 90 degrees, contact the ball with the arch of your foot. If well executed, the ball will roll smoothly rather than bounce or skip along the ground.

Outside of the foot

This technique is commonly used by midfielders. When planting your supporting foot, your toes should be pointed about 15-30 degrees to the side of the target. Contact the ball with the bottom, o

Updated: December 5, 2016
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