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Mike Delaney: “The most important thing is the audience”

Mike Delaney is a respected freestyler and former footballer from England. You’ve probably seen him on TV starring in the popular Adidas and Pepsi commercials. Mike was gracious…

Stalls tutorial

Hold your mouse over any move to see an animation.

Soccer freestyle tutorial

Hold your mouse over any move to see an animation. Special thanks to our forum members Sputnik and Owen4Ever for their help in compiling this tutorial.

Palle: “Remember to have fun when you practice!”

Rickard “Palle” Sjolander is a very talented freestyler from Sweden. Palle is only 18 years old, yet he’s already well known in the freestyling community. If you want…

Nam The Man: “I would practice every day for at least one hour”

Nam “the Man” Ngueyen is an Ireland-based freestyler of Vietnamese origin. He has performed at many top-level football games, including Chelsea vs Arsenal. Nam is also a two-times…

Sean D’Arcy: “Learn all tricks with both feet”

Sean D’Arcy is an experienced freestyler who regularly performs in half-time shows during football matches. He was also an official entertainer at the 2000 Olympic Games in Australia….

Abbas Farid: “Although it looks like I have a routine, it’s more of a habit”

21-year old Abbas Farid is currently one of the top freestylers in the UK. Abbas finished first (from 30,000 entries) in the 2003 Nike Freestyle competition and has…