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Study soccer drills, tactics and strategies

Turning Pro in the USA

First of all, it should be noted that playing professional soccer is a career for very few players. Even if you sign a contract, chances are that it’s...

Soccer Instructions

Defensive instructions Away Used by the goalkeeper or by defenders to instruct teammates to clear the ball immediately without attempting to control it Clear See “away” Close down...

Is Soccer Boring to Watch?

Soccer resembles basketball with no hands. It uses zone and man defenses, movement away from the ball and a team-oriented attack. The transition game is critical to success....

Soccer Questions and Answers

Playing in games How to win in 1v1 Beating your opponent in 1v1 requires good reflexes and patience. When dribbling, you should always be the closest person to...

Negative and Positive Space

Between the ball-handler and the goal behind him lies an area that is usually less well-defended than the area under direct attack. This “negative space” is useful in...
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