Ronaldo Quotes

Quotes about Ronaldo...
"Imagine if that 1982 Brazil team had Ronaldo...wow! His technique, his strength and the way he comes up with the important goals always make him a factor,"
"Ronaldo is breaking all sorts of records and will keep on doing so. He has come back from all his injury problems and still produces on the pitch. That's the mark of a great player."

"It's great to see that success hasn't changed his character. He's modest, close to his family, and seldom says anything bad about others."
"No matter how tightly you mark him, it's impossible to intimidate Ronaldo."
"I'm his nubmer one fan as a Brazilian but you can compare him to me only after he has won the World Cup (said before Japan & Korea 2002.)"

"Do not compare him to anyone. He will be great only if he remains himself."

"When the ball is at Ronaldoís feet itís like the team has already scored half a goal."

Ronaldo quotes about others...
"If heís more famous here (in Madrid, Spain) there are places that Iím more famous than he is."
"Maybe I have won more titles, and maybe heís more marketable than I am, that could be. But for my career it doesnít matter. I donít see it as an important thing, itís a comparison that does not matter."