Watching Serie A Games

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Watching Serie A Games

Postby interista » 16 Jul 2006, 12:54

i just moved back to the states and i was wonderin if there is some possible way to watch serie a games. thx for the help
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Postby powell » 16 Jul 2006, 12:56

well i dont live in the us but here we can eatch italian game on a channel called bravo dont know if you have it over there but if you do you'll find games on there.

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Postby ajc » 16 Jul 2006, 13:54

Well where I am on sunday's at 2:00 pm there is always a game on this odd channel called wybe. It's an international channel that usually has people speaking other languages, and it comes in with slightly fuzzy reception. It's taped, so they actually skip half time and just show 90 minutes straight. They do game breaks to pretend it's live and show highlights of other games, and they'll even show another game if there is a pk. Just make sure you don't read the scores before you watch it!

I'm not sure which game they show each week though. Sometimes it's great games like Roma vs. Inter but then other days it's Palermo vs. Trevisio which isn't as interesting for me. Hopefully you can get that channel. Oh yea and the commentary is in Italian.
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Postby ronaldinho172 » 16 Jul 2006, 14:01

i live in the us and i watch all the games from all the leagues Italy, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay leagues, plus all the EPL games ,its a channel that shows 100% soccer, i hv cablevision and i signed up for GolTV on channel 409, u can look at
in fact im watchin a replay of inter vs milan right now :lol:

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Postby milanese » 16 Sep 2006, 21:06

Online streams

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