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A Bit About You

No one will know your name on here will they?? :D
"I wear tinted visor not to trick other players, but so hot girls in stands don't see me looking at them."

-Alexander Ovechkin

Wow.. I just remembered that you're only 13!!! When you go pro, you have to tell us what your name is. :lol:

Yeah, it's just a safety thing about being a girl on the internet. It's not the users I don't trust, it's the other people browsing the forum.

And if I pro or play college soccer (I hope to do both), I will tell everyone my name then.
Hello! I'm new to the forums so I suppose I'll introduce myself here; seems like a good spot. :lol:

Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: Don't really have one. ;>
Location: Ontario, Canada
Year Born: 1989 (Just turned 18 last week :) )
Favourite Soccer Club: Arsenal, Barcelona
Favourite Player: Henry, Rosicky, Ronaldhino, Deco
Playing Football Since: Hmm.. 1996-1997, I believe
Freestyling Since: About two weeks ago, haha, I can't even juggle well yet ;/ It's a work in progress.
Other Hobbies: Writing, PC games, reading, watching movies, hanging out w/ friends
Contact: nkozie@hotmail.com
Welcome to the forums, SkyIntoSea! Glad you're participating :wink:
Yeh same really, welcome to ef mate. Its cool that your into freestyle even if your are new to it just keep at it .... one more thing i guess is just happy birthday for last week.


Name: harvey
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: dont hace 1 :cry:
Location: cornwall england
Year Born: 1991
Favourite Soccer Club: barcalona / real madrid
Favourite Player: zizou / beckham
Playing Football Since: last year
Freestyling Since: dnt freestyle 2 difficult lmao
Other Hobbies:most sports jus chillin
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: Shifty
Location: Skelmersdale
Year Born: 1993
Favourite Soccer Club: Liverpool
Favourite Player: Ronaldiniho, Gerrard, Ronaldo, C.Ronaldo
Playing Football Since: All my life
Freestyling Since: about july 06
Other Hobbies: Hip Hop dance, netball, swimming, tennis...
Contact: you can PM me if you wana chat
Name:kiavash Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname:ass kickaa Location:dubai,uae Year born:1989 Favourite soccer club:Man utd,A.C Milan,F.C Porto Favouriteplayer:Kaka,C.Ronaldo,LuisFigo,Quaresma,Rooney&Messi Playing Footbal Since: 7 years old Freestyling since: 28th march 2007 Other Hobbies:jogging and aggressive skating.(google it 2 find about it) Contact:kvshskaterz@hotmail.com, kvshskaterz@yahoo.com
Name: David Clarke
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: dont have one
Location: Esteli, NIcaragua
Year Born: 1993
Favourite Soccer Club: Liverpool!!!!!
Favourite Player: Steven Gerrard
Playing Football Since: 1998
Freestyling Since: Few months ago
Other Hobbies: Pinh pong, tennis, tv, internet,
Contact: dc_fcb@yahoo.es

Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: ...?
Location: Michigan
Year Born: 1991
Favourite Soccer Club:
Favourite Player: Ronaldhino, Beckham
Playing Football Since: like 1996
Freestyling Since: never..not yet
Other Hobbies: friends, soccer, control freak,
Contact: casseyox@earthlink.net
name:Chrus rev von Anxels
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname:Vertious
Location: monaco
Year Born:1992
Favourite Soccer Club: Arsenal
Favourite Player: Henry
Playing Football Since:2006 i train really hard do
Freestyling Since:4months
Other Hobbies: soccer only

name: Ryan
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname:Lanky
Location: Leesville, LA
Year Born: 1991
Favourite Soccer Club: Man United
Favourite Player: Rooney, Messi, Lampard, and DeRossi
Playing Football Since: 6 months ago :shock:
Other Hobbies: soccer only
Name: Vincent (Vince is easier in english
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: Flash
Location: Quebec, Canada
Year Born: 1990
Favourite Soccer Club: Manchester United
Favourite Player: Gerrard
Playing Football Since: since i'm 5 years old
Freestyling Since: A year now
Other Hobbies:hockey, roller, music, refereeing soccer :)
Name: Ryan Turner
Football/freestyling Alias/Nickname: Henry or Turn- Table
Location: Lockport, Illinois
Year Born: 1991
Favorite Soccer Club: Arsenal
Favorite Player: Thierry Henry/Maradona
Playing Football Since: I was 4
Freestyling: about 1-2 years now
Other Hobies: Beatboxing, reffing, and just chillin
Contact: TheLegend1014 or thierryhenry1014@yahoo.com or www.myspace.com/thelegend1014