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Stereotype of Soccer in the USA

Man i tell you, here in the states, so much people stereotype soccer to being a "girls sport". Im not saying it isnt a girls sport, actually im saying its a skill sport. Soccer takes skill, finesse, dedication, top notch fitness, intelligence, and team cooperation. It asks for more from a player than any other sport ive played before.
Mostly, the people who talk trash about soccer, never played and are afraid to try it because they are afraid to learn.

Do know of any stereotypes in you community? If you do, feel free to tell'em here.

So the next time you hear some ignorant person talking negativly about this beloved sport, tell em what they should hear.
Oh and i forgot to tell you guys out of the USA, yes some of us embrace the game as people around the world do, but man, there are some people who wont except it around here. So give us some leeway for having to stick up for the sport and have a enviroment where its hard to play pick up games or just bring the ball around town. :D

Baseball Players and Football (American Football) players trash soccer the most here. They all say how they've played soccer when they were younger. I laugh at them because playing soccer at younger ages was merely kickball.

:!: The smallest thing you can do to bring glory to soccer in the USA is stand up for it. Thats all i ask of you to do.

So one day, when soccer is regularly played in the USA as it is as American Football, or baseball, you can proudly say you were a supporter of Soccer.

So stay proud of your favorite pastime and people will respect you for your choice, believe me, it happens to me ALL the time here.
Thats real strange because in England football is stereotyped to be a men only sport.

But thats kind of changing now, with the women's FA Cup Final coming on live TV the other day. (It finished Arsenal 5 - Leeds 0)

Basketball and baseball are stereotyped to be American only sports.

Netball is considered to be girls only sport.

I seriously wonder how all these sterotypes get so widespread, and how people actually believe them.
Isn't it funny how these so called "big, tough" American football players can lift all these weights and are really strong yet most of them cant even kick a little ball into a net from point blank range.

It seems they make fun of soccer and how its a girl sport yet they cant even play it themselves. They would probably get their fat asses tired after 2 mins of running down the pitch.

To be honest, i'm not a big tough weight lifting freak but i bet any american football player that i can play their sport. All i got to do is run down the field for 5 seconds till the play is over, then i start all over again, big deal :lol:

American football is a lot harder than you think. Especially playing with pads on and at a high level. I agree that they shouldn't talk about soccer like they do, but i must give credit where it is due.

What I find funny is that yea, they wear these pads that only add maybe 20 lbs to you (20 lbs AT THE MOST) and complain about everything. The only running 90% of the team does is when they run their butts off the field. Other than that, the only running I ever see is a running back, or the guy running with the ball.

I did know a footballer that played both, and he was a beast. Much respect to him :)
I've never heard of netball, so I can't call it anything xD

please, people, i'm very happy many agree with me, but if we talk about how supposedly easy Americna football is, that doesnt make us soccer fans much better. Remember, never come down to their level, or else those people will never respect this sport. I didnt make this thread to create a new stereotype, i created it to help out with trying to change the negative ideas people have of soccer!
Yeah, some guys called soccer players foot fairys last year. But after our high school team started to get people to come out and watch, they saw how much fitness and skill you need to play. Stamina, sprint speed, strength, knowledge, and that's not even including the techniques of the game. I'm not gonna bash on american sports because i play baseball, basketball, and stuff like that, but soccer is the sport which uses the most aspects within it.

One thing I've noticed is that as soccer is slowly intergrating into the US, basketball and baseball are slowly going international. Just look at how many of our nba stars europe produces. And if you watched the World baseball classic, you can tell that the world is a fan of baseball. It will take a long time for both trends to full bloom and become popular.
"Little by little you have to teach the United States that this is the best game in the world." -Johan Cruyff

Yer, what he said..
in australia, many people play soccer. it is getting pretty popular over here. But as with you guys, those who play "manly" sports pay us out and call us girly, even though soccer is one of the toughest sports to play. A soccer game goes for 90 minutes, plus exta time and penalties on occasion. Rugby league matches go for 80 minutes and end instantly. Soccer players are always running, rugby players stand and wait till someone is near for them to tackle. Even these few points prove that soccer is not girly, yet still we are mocked for playing a game that involves skill.
So stand up to them, if called girly, challenge them to get the ball off you, nutmeg him, put him on his ass, and in his place. :D

My friends said that soccer is for gay guys who wear short shorts, but i was like wtf. Baseball is gay,and he plays it.
yea they always call it a sport for pussies or its no contact and stuff. They always try and get me to come out but im like nope im going to play soccer and they go soccer is for fags. i go so. but yea i hate it soccer u need to learn so many skills where other sports all u need to know is like 3-4 things

example: baseball-catch, throw, hit, thats all u need to know how to do with some further details,

Football-hit, catch block, throw, agilty speed, fat and footwork.

Basketball- speed, agility, shooting, catching, passing, footwork, tactial awareness and other things

Soccer- tactical awareness, speed, agility, ball control, soft touches, slide tackle , shoot, pass, heading, juggling, shieilding,footwork and so many things.

soccer and basketball require things u need to learn how to do which require dedication, and passion.
My dream is to go pro and nothing or anyone will get in the way.

in football too though, uve gotta make quick decisons, gotta predict how peoples bodies will fall, and you need to memorize thousands of plays.
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well those people are pretty dumb, they think they own the world and can play our sport and i do challenge them, rarely do they accept that challenge. and most do say that they played when they were younger, but the game changes once you get older, like i'd say at around age 12 or 13.