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Best player ever

Who is the greatest player of all time?
Pele  47%  (40 votes)
Maradona  38%  (32 votes)
Johan Cryuff  13%  (11 votes)
Franz Beckenbauer  2%  (2 votes)
Lev Yashin  0%  (0 votes)
Oh my bad!

Didn't know 'bout but I think he would be still great with or without drugs.
The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.

i think rp was referring to the "hand of god" goal (self proclaimed by the way). not to mention that handball on the goalline against russia (ussr), that put argentina through the group just ahead of russia. combine those major handballs and drugs, and you've got a pretty dirty player. i'm not saying he wasn't great, and he wasn't the SECOND BEST player ever, but i am saying that calling maradona a cheat isn't exactly blasphemy.
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Maradona must have had some skill to get there, the man could do things that some only dream of, but he did mess up badly.

"I’m a player who can do absolutely anything if I am smiling and laughing. If I’m not happy, then everything becomes more of a struggle,” explained Adriano.

I can agree with that one, he messed up badly. He still deserves to keep the title of "one of the best footballers to ever walk the earth".

i certainly go for Maradona!


cause he was a great footballer but he did cheat so there for that makes him 1 .i was refering to the hand of god. And theres nothing wrong in saying he cheated. lack of understanding???????????Theres no doubt about him being a great footballer. Ive seen some good tapes of him and the skill and goals he was capable of


im not here to say bad points or argue .sorry if you got the wrong message
it has to be pele they both won player of the century if i think but marraz was a one man, and your looking for the best PLAYER it think was the name of the thing lol and pele is then the best, and if your looking for footballer it has to be pele as he respected the game and environment he played in , where maradona used is respect to cheat in games and get away with it 'hand of god' also stimulants
Maradona rulez you all!! :twisted: Also the "Hand of God" goal was an accident, everyone makes them. including the best of the best "Maradona". His life wasnt easy when he was a child and you couldnt even imagine all the bad things that has happened to him. Drugs, or no durgs, his still the best 8) .
Also the "Hand of God" goal was an accident,

You are kidding, right?
no doubt in my mind that it is pele. dont know if you guys have seen the "pele is god" video, i was amazed. http://s5.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3FG8K ... ZOKS4ZOL5L
if a quiz is quizzical, then what's a test?

i voted cruyff

because he almost completely revolutionised dutch football. before him holland were not a very gd team but since he played they are now a force to be reckoned with

pele was great, but he played in a team full of stars, wheras cruyff at first was not so fortunate

and maradona's entirely self-inflicted reputation made me vote otherwise

also where is puskas? best? charlton? law? dalglish? van basten? platini? baggio?

i think a poll may have been unwise as there are so many players who cd join this debate
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Magicfeet wrote:
Also the "Hand of God" goal was an accident,

You are kidding, right?

Actually no, he tried hitting it with his head and hit it with his hand for an accident. Cant believe you couldnt understand those simples words :roll: .
lets look at Maradona's Carrear.. Not his personal life, vote for him judged him on his skill on the field.. Its like saying Pele is gay (Not sure) , so i dont like him.. Wtf

*Cough* not sure if you knew this but, soccer players have personal lifes too *shock* XD. Their personal life DOES effect people, also im not sure about Pele bieng gay, but oh well lol.