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Guides for dribbling and controlling the ball
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Postby calisoccer » 06 Mar 2006, 02:02

best guide on this site keep up the good work jdefoe :D :D

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Postby ajc » 04 May 2006, 23:08

Hey this is a great guide, but i have a question. Could someone please explain how to do the full sole roll? I'm not quite sure how to do it. The first time i actually saw this move was playing fifa street, lol. Any help would be much appreciated, thanx.
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Postby featherfeet » 05 May 2006, 01:20

Inside Roll: Roll the ball across your body from outside to inside with the inside and sole of the foot and stop the ball with the inside of the other foot.

Outside Roll: Roll the ball across your body from inside to outside with the outside and sole of the foot and stop the ball with the inside of the same foot.

don't get it, could someone help me???

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Postby ManUnut34 » 16 Jun 2006, 17:32

Heres a link to some vids of the moves for those who want it
http://www.strongsoccer.com/Kingdrills/ ... actice.htm

I had trouble understanding it as well but there not as hard as they sound. trust me :wink: hope this helps
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Postby Futbol » 21 Jun 2006, 08:24

Could someone please explain the following in more detail:

Side-to-Side Push-Pull (How do you tap the ball back and forth with the inside of feet?)
Side-to-Side Front Roll (How do you tap the ball back and forth with inside of feet, and how do you pull the ball across your body?)
Pull & Roll Behind (do you ever turn around or are you always facing just the one direction?)
Pull turn (I don't get this one)
Full Sole Roll (I don't understand the first half, and what is a step-on?)
360 (Is this really just two 180s?)
Kicks Over ball (How do you kick over the ball?)

I understand (I think) the rest. It would be awesome if someone could help me with the ones I listed. Thanks!

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Postby mewantgood » 09 Jul 2006, 04:46

Does getting so many touches with the sole of the foot actually help in a game?

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Postby thrillboy » 26 Jul 2006, 00:14

this is a really good guide. I am for sure going to try it. Give the man some props!

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Re: Home Dribbling Program

Postby soccerchild27 » 31 Jul 2006, 21:05

jdefoe wrote:Dribbling: Solving 1v1 Attacking Situations

Warm-Up (10 minutes):

Run on spot or skip for 2-3 minutes
Juggle ball for 5 mins, aim for 100 successive, use both feet
200 touches of tennis ball (100 each foot)

Great post :D...But could you clarify a few things for me? could you please be more specific about the tennis ball thing...do you mean juggle, dribble, pass, or what?

and i can't juggle over 50 so i can't even do the warm-up. Should i get up my ball handling skills by juggling or should i do this to improve them?

One last thing can most of you juggle 100+ times in 5 mins or less?
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Postby thrillboy » 06 Aug 2006, 18:25

ya this is really good. :D

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Postby Soccerfury » 21 Sep 2006, 19:23

I don't get the whole sole thing could someone explain it to me? great guide by the way.

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Postby Soccer4Life » 24 Sep 2006, 15:57

Excellent! I will definately incorporate this into my training.

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Postby Fantasista » 30 Sep 2006, 00:08

great guide.Thx

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Postby kodoridavid » 01 Nov 2006, 18:18

These is the best guide I've ever seen.Thanks for the warming up methods

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Postby Real_Zidane » 05 Nov 2006, 22:51

I've been using this for a couple days now and I can already tell a bit of a difference in my control. Thanks man!

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Postby Falcao » 06 Nov 2006, 14:15

well its winter in europe ye, but noone can stop me from playing football.
even if it snows i go out and practice.
every day.
and btw to the guy who is complaining about winter in europe; if your gonna go for pro you must practice when it snows. no matter what weather.

nice guide, but i aint english, so i didnt understand everything.

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