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the official inter milan thread.

are you a fan of theirs? or would you like to discuss aobut them. here's the place to do it.
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Inter Milan is in my opinion a good team with great players, to become a great team they lack a leader a Roy Kean or Gattuso of their own.
wasnt veron supposed to be some sort of inspiration or leader for them? anyways he says he's leaving at the end of the year. he's homesick, wants to see relatives and is tired of living in a foreign country. but he still loves italy.

i'm not really a full suporter, but i loosely follow serie a and internazionale are the team i usually find myself supporting.

it seems to me that every year internazionale buy and sell players, and look as though they have a squad capable of winning the champions league. however their biggest problem has been consistency for some time. with a squad containing adriano, the zanettis, cannavaro, veron, figo, toldo and martins, you would think success would be almst garunteed. somehow it eludes them. a team that can beat valencia 5-1 away should be achieving more.
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i think next year will be their year. adriano has to be one of the best strikers in the world, and figo was a great addition.
does anyone know any links to a inter milan site?
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Im sure if u type in Inter milan in google there willl be tons of links also go to www.wikipedia.com and type in inter mIlan in the search boxi it should give u interesting info.
inter could field TWO theoretical champions league winning teams. theoretics don't always work out though.
Hala Galacticos

yeah inter's a great team...adriano, what can i say:) Cannon shot baby!! I think they have a chance of winning the champions league this year..hopefully. Heres a link btw intermilan.com


I guess im somewhat of a fan. I use Inter when i play fifa06 on Xbox, but other than that I dont really get to see them play too much because otherwise i probably would be a bigger fan.

You cant go wrong with the power of Adriano up top and the pace of martins with him. :twisted:
yeah J, martins is very fast, and as it was already mentioned Adriano has a great shot, and great dribbling for such a "big" man. However I don't see Inter winning the Champions League. I don't know why but they don't seem to do well against biger oppositions. They usually loose to the likes of Juve or Ac Milan, so I don't think they would win. They could definitivly go far but not win.
they always look like a good pick to win it, but they can never pull it off. there's got to be something wrong with the management or something. the players are good enough.
Hala Galacticos

im living in italy so im a big fan of inter. this year we should be better than milan but i dont what happened. a couple days ago adriano finally got out of his 10 game no scoring drought in the 1-0 win against Sampdoria. and this year juventus's unstoppable, only 1 loss in serie A. though they were kicked out of the coppa italia by roma.
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im a huge fan of inter, but I dont think that this year is our year. Next year when the new additions start to mesh, then we'll see. We have huge talent, and they need to start working as a team
interfan1992 wrote:
im a huge fan of inter, but I dont think that this year is our year. Next year when the new additions start to mesh, then we'll see. We have huge talent, and they need to start working as a team

If there was ever a year that was yours, this is it. You're first in the league, we had a point deductions, Juve's in Serie B, the only team capable of beating Inter is Roma, and they're 2 points behind. Barring any serious dip in form this is your year. Hopefully Roma will take it instead.

Next year they'll be no point deductions and Juve might be back, it'll be up for grabs once again.
milanese, that's true. I'm trying to think positively
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