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is fiorentina gonna do good this year??
Poll ended at 01 Oct 2005, 20:24
yes  40%  (2 votes)
no  60%  (3 votes)
man Fiorentian is doing aweosme this year till now they r second in teir group and like usual juventus is da best but wut u guys think about fiorentina this year compared to last yeat (last year they were 2nd to last) :D :!:
I saw them against Inter not impressive
i havent watch fiorentina play in a while i remember when batistuta played there that was when i used to watch em
thats a long time ago
aint it well iam not a fan of fiorentina so i dont care for the games
Just lost to inter today, but they'll do better this season in my opinion.

Sig by me.

what was the score
1-0 but it could have and should have been like 4-0
lol damn fiorentina is sorry
if fiorentina keeps goin htey might be the first and beat juventus for da #1 spot haha dats goin a lil too far but who cares.

i voted 'no'

italy has become like england: there are three very good clubs who compete for the title, the rest are quite even

in england it is manchester united, arsenal, and chelski

in serie a it is milan, juventus and internazionale

so fiorentina probably won't do that well, maybe fourth at best
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k guys i take dat bakc haha fiorentina dropped to 5th now :cry: :D

they looked good but now ther slipping

(whinge-mode continueing)

OMG u guys please post more than five words, GIVE REASONS not just random opinions
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yeah unjustified opinions are not funn to read stop adding to ur posts. Cuz no one cares how much numbers of posts u got.