LimaFoxtrotCharlie's Fifa 11 Attribute guide

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LimaFoxtrotCharlie's Fifa 11 Attribute guide

Post by LimaFoxtrotCharlie » 29 Jan 2011, 08:54

I was bored today. Went through the game Fifa 11 to help your side, (if you have some dosh) formulate the best sides or find the best players that thrive under different abilites.

[Ps. At a later date ill add handy veterans or bargain young'ns.]

Ok so firstly the best player/s for each position:

GK: I.Casillas
SW: F.Salazar, F. Fuentes
CB: N.Vidic, C.Puyol
RB: Sergio Ramos
LB: E.Abidal
RWB: P.Lahm, Maicon
LWB: P.Evra
CDM: E.Cambiasso, J.Mascherano
CM: Xavi
RM: A.Robben
LM: F.Ribery
CAM: F.Lampard, A.Iniesta
RW: L.Messi
LW: A.Arshavin
CF: C.Tevez
RF: L.Suarez
LF: A.Di Natale
ST: D.Drogba, W.Rooney, D.Villa

The best player/s for each attribute:

Acceleration: L.Messi-94
Sprint Speed: C. Ronaldo, T.Walcott
Agility: L.Messi-96
Balance: L.Dosek-92
Jumping: T.Cahill, Uche-94
Stamina: I.Olic- 94
Strength: E.Heskey-95
Reactions: Xavi-94
Aggression: M.Van Bommel, M.Wasilewski-96
Tactical Awarness: J.Mascherano-94
Positioning: R.Van Nistelrooy, L.Lopez-93
Vision: Xavi-96
Ball Control: L.Messi-96
Crossing: Xavi-91
Dribbling: L.Messi-97
Finishing: D.Villa- 94
Free Kick Accuracy: D.Beckham-91
Heading Accuracy: T.Cahill, D.Drogba-93
Long Passing: A.Pirlo-96
Short Passing: Xavi-96
Marking: Juan, C.Puyol-91
Shot Power: S.Gerrard, J.A.Riise-95
Stand Tackle: N.Vidic, R.Ferdinand-94
Slide Tackle: P.Lahm-94
Volleys: D.Berbatov, L.Podolski-91
Curve: D.Beckham-92
Penalties: D.Villa-92
GK Diving: I.Casillas-93
GK Handling: I.Casillas, E.Van Der Sar, J.Cesar-87
GK Kicking: Rogero Ceni-94
GK Reflexes: I.Casillas-94
GK Positioning: E. Van Der Sar-93

As you can see, it is evident both Xavi and Messi are terrible players who shouldn't grace the pitch again.

While some may see my list pointless, I hope some avid players see this as a helpful guide when getting players :shock: :D :twisted: :idea:

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Post by shahensha » 29 Jan 2011, 13:06

captain tarzan is highest rated in marking eh? makes sense....sadly he is losing speed, but he still dominates

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Post by collin » 29 Jan 2011, 14:08

ill play you in some fifa 11 if your up for it do you have xbox 360?

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Post by shahensha » 29 Jan 2011, 14:14

ah i wish man, i dont have a gaming system on this miserable rock. i have a ps3 but its back home. you'd prolly murk me though :D

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Post by panchester07 » 01 Feb 2011, 04:00

ps3 who's down? me has madd skittles!!!! please...someone on here has to have one...

I play with Chelsea at times, and noticed that Zhirkov and kalou have amazing acceleration...
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Post by ajc » 01 Feb 2011, 04:07

collin wrote:ill play you in some fifa 11 if your up for it do you have xbox 360?
Eyyyy I'm up for a match some time :wink:

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Post by Juice » 01 Feb 2011, 11:52

Ill play anyone on the xbox, just pm your live or something :)

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Post by eddy192837 » 01 Feb 2011, 19:54

I got ps3

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