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How do people react when you freestyle

i hate it when they say showoff because iam more of a entertainer lol :wink:
Freddy Adu??? Thats one hell of a compliment in my book.( if i had a book)

lol yeah well i deserve it lol jk dude yeah i was smilin when he said that
My group of friends started freestyling at the same time as me, but im the best of the group. You would think that people who watch me freestyle, hu havent heard of it before would be more impressed, like my PE teachers, and Random people who watch me. But i think freestylers react better because they appreciate the complexity and determination u need to pull the trix off. Other people just get bored unless your really really good. :(
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i agree with sputnik......ppl who dont know how to freestyle will like it the first time they see it but then they'll get bored or say "ur a showoff" if u start doing it again.....until maybe u get a new move/combo.....
The meaning of "PERSERVERANCE" is trying to master a freestyle trick that you just can't seem to do.......

australian freestyle crew "FDU"'s website..check it out...

yeah, a few weeks back i was at a academy, freestyling shows the coaches that im willing to practice this helps me get reconized. and also at school with mates im always being asked to do a little show. i think im seen as a football fanatic rather a "showoff". 8)
Stevie Gerrard. -amazing. better than those ole dudes.

I get called a showoff but i can't really do much freestying cause i just started :(.
wel when i show ppl at skool ma tricks they say wow, thats great, but you cant do it in a real game. so i proved them wrong. ma frend tried 2 get da ball off me, so i kicked it up, did an atw, then a neckstall n ran around him with the ball on ma neck lol they were so amazed

LOL i want to run the hole field with the ball on my neck then score :D.
That would be C@@L if u scored with the ball on ur neck...im not that good yet so i think once i get better people would want to know how to do it and they would just love me :lol:
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Tierney wrote:
Freddy Adu??? Thats one hell of a compliment in my book.( if i had a book)

Once i freestyled in front of some older dude who was pretty good and they were like damn Hes Fu**K*N* MaRadona but in spanish. haha good times so thats a even bigger compliment someone gave me.
R9KEvinR9 wrote:
just for that iam gonna start writin in CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol funny, but yeah I hear everyone, ITS REAL ANNOYING TYPING IN CAPS, HEY WE'LL ALL DO IT FOR R9KEvinR9'S SAKES!
Oh people just say whoa! and what other tricks do you know? and stuff.
Hehe, I think this topic is long dead mate. Many of these people are long gone from EF. Sorry about that.
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