Routines/Drills for all technical aspects...

How much and what skills to practice
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Routines/Drills for all technical aspects...

Postby p793 » 25 Jun 2010, 22:06

All Technical Attributes

Corners- ?

Crossing- Matts Guide-

Dribbling- JDEFOES Guide-
Reading Academy- ... 297096.stm
NewBornProdigys Guide (Best)-

Finishing-Nike Master Accuracy- ... cale=en_GB

First Touch-Nike Master Control- ... cale=en_GB
EF Control-

Free Kick-CDCR7-

Heading- GnarlyJim- ... ing&t=7531

Long Shots-Nike Master Accuracy- ... cale=en_GB

Long Throws- ?

Marking- Fir_Nev-

Passing- ?

Penalty Taking-Personal Practise

Tackling- ?

Juggling/Freestyle- Soccer4Life Juggling Drills-
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Postby Rome_Leader » 26 Jun 2010, 13:08

Good idea to put these all in one spot!

I'd like to add a category, and a guide to go with it:

Soccer4Life's Juggling Skill Drills

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Postby p793 » 26 Jun 2010, 19:06

Cool, it's a good guide and has been added.

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Postby pickyourheadup » 04 Jul 2010, 12:43

Good idea! I didn't know about the Nike stuff. I watched the first two "Signature Moves" and I was like..those are my moves! :wink: Hopefully the Torres "spin move" isn't stealing Zidane's move.

I have another guide for technique: ... 298#198298

You might find some of these links that I put together helpful: ... 767#208767
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