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How have you chosen your favorite club?

im 16 and i know a hell of a lot about football, but i dont follow norwegian teams. and ull hafta excuse me then that i didnt get ur sarcasm, i just thought u were stupid. but ur not, my mistake ha.
I was raised on Celtic, their history and their pride
With my culture and my faith, I wear the green & white.

They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who does not want to be broken -Bobby Sands MP

Ajax is my favourite club.
it's a passion that I grew up with.
Went to a a match when I was 5.
Withnessed their Golden Age in 94/95 (winning the CL, and Worldcup for teams)
"Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes. And in injury time, Klaas Jan Huntelaar scores"

i go 4 chelsea. not coz of the money i went 4 em when ranieri was coach Zola was on fire up foward and cudicini was in goals:D
(::)Maestro Tomsta (::)

It's Celtic for me...then Fenerbahce because of their fans and whoever Riquelme plays for.
I still don't understand how anyone can support more than 1 team

Mandy felt Brian's wrath when she wandered in front of him after they'd announced free beer at the bar.....

Easy, I support Chelsea cos I like Sheva and I think Mourinho is one hell of a manager but I also think the rovers are playing really well at the moment so I'd like to see them do well, I'd also like to see bolton make the top three because I think they play well and I have a family friend who used to play for them. However I don't understand how you can support two clubs with huge rivalries like Barca and R. Madrid, for national teams I of course love the English team (So good on paper but so bad on the pitch :( ) because I am myself from England and it has a great big number of my favourite players on the team.
Im find myself kinda weird, my parents are from Hong Kong but they gave birth to me in Leeds and now we live in Australia :? . So in line with where i was born, I'd go for Leeds United. My Sis used to tell me about how they had Australian players like Kewell and Viduka. They did quite well back then. The club has a lot of history but their recent form is terrible, I mean now their close to being relegated from the Championship. I was hoping they would make it back to top flight this season but instead they have failed miserably.

Apart from that I really like the playing style of Arsenal and Barca. They play with so much chemistry, they're the other two clubs I support.

I dunno why but I also support Celtic (maybe cos they're so much ahead in the SPL), they too have so much history - making up half of (one of) the biggest rivalry in European soccer. Their religious (Protestant and Catholic) and sporting rivalry with the Rangers in the Old Firm is just so exciting to watch. I mean im a protestant and i go for them. They also have some pretty cool names in their line-up (like Naka)