Should you look at the player or ball while you dribble?

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Should you look at the player or ball while you dribble?

Postby rohit » 17 Nov 2006, 16:46

while dribbling should i have look at the player or ball

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Postby Morgoth » 17 Nov 2006, 20:58

Looking at the player can distract you opponent and you can see what hes doing (move to left/right side or something like it). If you're looking down at the ball all the time you wont know where you're going or where your opponents are.

So keep your head up. If you are gonna look at the ball, make sure you do it only for a small second. A good defender will look to tackle you if you are unaware of where you have your opponent.
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Postby zachariah87 » 20 Nov 2006, 14:09

look at the players feet who's defending you... see what he is doing, legs open, off balance. It also helps when you look up for a pass and then fake him.
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Postby ronaldinho172 » 22 Nov 2006, 01:59

a good dribbler should never have to look at the ball, only from the bottom side of the eye (peripheral vision) that way you can see what the defender is doing and everything and once you beat the defender ur already lookin at the goal and know where it is

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Postby NoFear » 22 Nov 2006, 02:27

I think you should look at the player's stomach. If a player is trying to do tricks and trying to fake you out you'll know he's faking it because his stomach didn't move or barely moved. If you see his stomach move one way or the other then you'll know where he's going. You also should pay some attention to the ball in case the guy is trying to pass it.

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Postby BosnianNedim » 22 Nov 2006, 03:21

look at the defender, and once you make your move your head is up field and you can make a good pass into a favourable position for your team..

no question, look at the defender

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Postby Falcao » 25 Nov 2006, 12:50

well dont look at the ball, you will crash then.

if you cant dribble without looking at the ball, you dont got skills enough.

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Postby latino_JLP » 04 Dec 2006, 20:57

i tottaly agree, you should always keep your head up to veiw your surrondings, and its extremley helpful at the same time, but practicing is the key, but keep in mind what Morgoth says, he says some pretty important key points, that you should keep in your head when playing. :wink:

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Postby Falcao » 07 Dec 2006, 18:18

your 16 and you dont know if you gonna look at ball or player?
man good luck

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Postby Ronaldinho Gaucho » 07 Dec 2006, 18:53

Falcao wrote:your 16 and you dont know if you gonna look at ball or player?
man good luck

Yeah thanks for that post Falcao. Very useful.

You should always look at the player when dribbling, to observe any weaknesses in his footbing. You should be trying to off balance him so you need to look at his body to know when you have done this. You should look at the ball when defending at look at the body when attacking.

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Postby mufc21 » 07 Dec 2006, 19:37

falcao usually gives good tips like that. I kinda feel sorry for him though because he has a rating of 1 and everybody gets pissed at him. It just goes to show, watch what you say.

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Postby fir_nev » 07 Dec 2006, 23:46

When I wanna dribble past a player, I will try to catch a glimpse of his body and legs.

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Postby peps1154 » 08 Dec 2006, 02:40

The textbooks say look at the player but in reality if ur a good enaugh dribbler it just happens for u.


Postby americanfootballer » 19 Dec 2006, 16:53

Well, i would say look around to find your opponents then when one takes you on look at the ball to use your skills or to pass. While dribbling you should just be able to run down the field without looking at the ball or else you will have no idea where everyone is

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