ARG-GER worldcup game

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ARG-GER worldcup game

Postby ballackfan » 25 Jun 2006, 18:52

who do you think will win and why.

My pick Germany, cuz Ballack will blast ABBONDANZIERI into the net along with the ball. :lol:

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Postby hustler89 » 27 Jun 2006, 10:39

Argentina 2/3-1.

Good team spirit, understanding of one another and an abundance of quality players; even on the subs bench.

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Postby ballackfan » 27 Jun 2006, 18:52

I have a feeling of fear tho. I'm sure it would be an exciting game, pretty even teams. No fear is what they say if you want to win. :)

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Postby J » 27 Jun 2006, 19:54

I say Germany win 3-1.

Germany has been attacking almost as good as anyone in the tournement and Argentina had a hard enough time just breaking through Mexico's defense.

Germany has looked pretty solid every game (except on defense from time to time). Even in Poland game where they scored in the last few minutes they looked decent. They still created a ton of chances that game and were unlucky not to score earlier.

I predict another Brazil-Germany final.

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Postby ajc » 29 Jun 2006, 02:01

Argentina has been great, but I can't see Germany losing this one. Did you know against Sweden Germany had 26 shots? And they were quality shots too. Sweden's goalie came up huge on longe range blasts to the corners many times. Germany has been the most impressive of any team so far in my opinion. Klinsman has gotten the most out of every player on the team.

Germany 4 (yes 4)--2 Argentina
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Postby cfrealmadrid » 30 Jun 2006, 01:38

going by each team's last game, germany should win by at least 2 goals. they've been by far the biggest surprise for me this tournament, not because of results, but because of the way they've played. my pick is germany win by 2 goals, no matter how many argentina score, but officially:

Hala Galacticos

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Postby ballackfan » 30 Jun 2006, 06:22

I can't wait til the game. I know the Germans are wearing red this time. Sign of death or curse. Last time they play in red they lost to Italy 4-1, not at home tho.

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Postby expert » 30 Jun 2006, 07:36

I would be really surprised if Argentina allows more than 1 goal in the game. It will be close, perhaps 1-2 or 1-3 in favor of Argentina.

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Postby Magicfeet » 30 Jun 2006, 10:30

As an English fellow, I've got to choose between two of our most "despised" (not the right word, but y'know) football rivals. And for me, it's got to be Argentina.

Both teams have been excellent so far (particularly the Germans), and hopefully it will one helluva match. Personally, I'm hoping to see Messi dazzle the world and score the winning goal in 3-1 win for the Argies.

C'mon, boys!! 8)

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Postby ballackfan » 01 Jul 2006, 22:20

ajc wrote:Germany 4 (yes 4)--2 Argentina

You were right. :D

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