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Discuss brad's first video

made this for fun at the end of this summer.
i discovered freestyling at the end of the school year and just made this movie.


ill make a new one soon, please comment


i think this was pretty bad dude i think u shud of waitin longer to release a demo all i saw was juggling and u fumblin the ball away and the crossover dont do those lil dances or that thing were u put on the shoes ... keep tryin eventually ull get better.
hmm, good for a beginner, but bad for a video..period. u should have cut out the parts where you messed up, and get some more ball control, you were all over the screen. but if started it at the end of the school year, then you are good considering the amount of time you have been freestyling.

that song is kind of annoying, too. :P
if a quiz is quizzical, then what's a test?

karlofootball10 wrote:
u should have cut out the parts where you messed up

thats dishonest

anybody can make a vid of contemplations of completed moves by cutting out mistakes.