The Classication: Central Midfield

How much and what skills to practice
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The Classication: Central Midfield

Postby TheBrilliance » 23 Apr 2011, 03:32

A thing on this site, that does not necessarily annoy me but makes me wonder is the the amount of people, who just seem to be stuck on duties in a position.

Some example of this are question like:

Should i do cover this amount of space, or should i postion myself here?

How can i be like this player?

First of all guys, you are who you are. Improve on your game in all aspects, but i see alot of people focusing to much on particular things and aspects of dribbling or touch, that they dont just play their game. I like to encourage people via mentor system, with mentors being current or former players that share, positional sense, physique, weaknesses and strengths to the person who wants to learn or to see how to play or become a better player. I believe seeing world class players at their greatest can both encourage and visually teach people who want to grasp a firm understanding of their duty as a footballer playing the game, and the more like a player you are, the more you can further relate and see how they partake in game situation.

So today im starting with the central midfield position. I will list and describe several players who are different in quite a few ways, but for you guys at home that want to compare and contrast and grasp a more indepth knowledge on how players like you play.

(Be warned. Im a Liverpool fan. So there is some bias in my posts. There are so many brilliant players for each position but im just using examples so bare with me)


The Terminator:

This is not Hermann Hreidarsson. I have picked Javier Mascherano as a player I feel can be replicated in a holding position in midfield.

Javier is a shorter, stockier breed of human seen alot in Argentinians :p The man does not possess brilliant passing or dribbling skills at all, but his positional sense, tactical awareness, his hunger and work rate, and defensive duties see him over the line as one of the best holding midfielders in the world at the moment. VS ARSENAL ... re=related VS INTER MILAN

Quality hunger and reading of the game is vital, but for someone who doesnt possess insane attacking skills, being able to break up play can be such a vital source of defence that not many teams have.

A player like Javier protects the defence, and shuts down the imposing attack a side is likely to produce. In the video against Arsenal, he breaks up play on numerous occasions and Liverpool run out with a very good result. The sort of style Arsenal play is beautiful, but they will really only kill a team once momentum is with them and possession is comfortably in their hands. Breaking up play before this will make a world of difference.

Are you like Javier Mascherano?

- Are you still developing skills in the attacking sense, such as passing, shooting, dribbling and feel you cannot contribute on the attacking scale of things?
- Do you possess a tenacity and hunger that many players die for, that will allow you to go into tackles and challenges with no fear and good focus?
- Do you see yourself as an 'irrit' to defences? Do you have a combination of strength and nippiness that can annoy the hell out of your opponents?
- And can you read the game well? See that pass a few seconds early? Read where the player will turn?


The Distributor:

Mr Alonso, please stand up. I have picked Xabi Alonso as another holding-esque midfielder than can work in tandem with a terminator.

A graceful player, who runs alot in a game unnoticed, and controls play from the back end of central midfield. He will always start it up. The man contributes to a few goals himself :)

Xabi possesses brilliant vision mixed with the worlds best passing range. He can pick out passes from 1 yard to 70 yards and place them right where the reciever wants them. Pace and delicasy on each pass, means Xabi Alonso is a trusted man when it comes to making a clinical move. Cool, calm and collected, Xabi hardly panics and always works hard in defense.

As an athlete Xabi isnt blessed as other players. He is quite strong and works hard for the team, but he does not have the pace and endurance as other players which does not allow him to bomb forward all the time. for MADRID ... re=related for LIVERPOOL

Deadly as a playmaker and dead ball specialist from back field, Alonso is quite unique but can pair up with anyone in a central midfield position.

So are you like Xabi Alonso?

-Do you sometimes struggle speed and fitness wise compared to other players?
-Are you brilliant with a dead ball and defense splitting passes?
-Are you blessed with a cool head that keeps you consistent all game?
-Do you tend to sit a little deeper and run the party from there?



The Monster:

Grrrrr! Yaya Toure is the player i chose as my monster role. In this section of midfielders.

Hes got the lot. Pace, power, skill. The man is a dominating force. Hes got great versatility aswell.

Yaya is a presence on the pitch firstly. Very big and strong aswell as being 6'3-6'4. When opposition see his skills in tandem with his figure, the confidence drops and intimidation kicks in. Yaya has great control skill of the ball. A great turn of pace, and controls the game brilliantly. The man does fall off however in big games where his team is in no contention. Sometimes does no fight to the 90. for OLYMPIAKOS vs MAN UTD

An asset of his is his versatility. He was originally a defensive midfielder, but now plies his trade an attacking midfielder, centre mid, defensive mid, centre half and even off the striker. The amount of versatility and movement he brings to a side is immense, and his speed and strength is something not to be messed around with.

Are you like Yaya Toure?

-Are you a big player who possesses alot of size?
-Are you versatile, and can play anywhere?
-Do you defend aswell as you attack?
-Does your game lack agility?


The Machine:

Steve Gerrard, Gerrard, hes big and his f*&^in 'ard!. Steven Gerrard is who I chose as a midfield machine.

Quick, versatile, strong, great stamina, great shot, great passing range, hard in the tackle. The man has it all. He can change a game in an instant.

Gerrard can run all day and all night. He works hard for his team and plays in many positions very well, such as second striker, full back or wing. Steven tends to control the pace of a game. When his side is in control he can dictate when to push and when to hold. He has a great tackle (see 1st youtube video), but can tend to be reckless on occasions.

One of his only weaknesses is his quick feet, which have improved over the years. His close dribbling and control are aspects that dont show up in his game. He likes to get the ball and pass it off. Gerrard also has a great shot, which is harder than mosts and can change a game in an instant. Gerrard is an inspired leader on the pitch. TACKLES BEST GOALS

Are you like Steven Gerrard?

-Do you possess versatility, can play in many positions?
-Can you shoot and pass from many ranges?
-Do you have great stamina?
-Can the dribbling side of your game let you down?



The Entertainer:

Moaty, It's Gazza! Paul Gacoigne is my midfield entertainer and my favourite player.

Paul was a brilliant player. Quick feet, great passer, great dribbler and could score goals. His presence on the field inspired the players around him. Paul had alot of tricks up his sleeve and could jink and jive out of tight areas aswell as gambetta around many. He had a good turn of pace in his skinnier days aswell.

Paul could shoot from many areas and pass all around the field. His tackling at time could be superb but his defensive efforts in terms of tackling and tracking back at times really let him down. Paul used to also pop up in the important games and would score very important goals like this goal against Scotland in Euro '96 - vs SCOTLAND at HIS BEST

Gazza also had alot of passion and drive, which many lack in todays game. When he was up to it no one could really stop him. Paul's love of the game led to his success at sometimes aswell as his tremendous first touch and skill.

So are you like Paul Gascoigne?

-Can you pass and shoot well?
-Do you have immense skill and control?
-Does your passion drive your success on the pitch?
-Do you lack work ethic and discipline at times?


The Controller:
When Xavi is in control, have a squiz at the scoreboard. Xavi is my midfield control.

Xavi is small, stocky, not extremely pacey and not very strong, yet is regarded as one of the finest midfielders in his generation.

Xavi has very quick feet and is very very nimble. Along with his Barca comrades, he is usually in possession of the ball. He passes the ball in the last third of the pitch better than most and his first touch allows him to stop and look for another pass. He gets many assists and controls the core of whatever team he plays in. SKILLS ... re=related for BARCELONA

Whenever pressured or in trouble he uses sublime skill to get out of sticky situations. He is a master of propriception and is always thinking one step ahead of opponents and teamates. When not in possession, he works hard to get the ball back quickly and hastles players who may be alot bigger and stronger than him.

Are you like Xavi?

-Do you have a great passing range to your game?
-Are you not blessed with amazing athleticism?
-Are you very nimble?
-Do you dicate what goes on attacking wise in the game?


The Midas Touch:
Zizou's got it. Zinedine Zidane is the touch and beauty of my midfield.

Lacks insane pace and great defensive work but does not lack anything else. Arguably the man who possesses the greatest first touch the world ever saw. Zidane's control was second to none.
He mastered many tricks and skills to remain in possession of the ball and to create space for himself. A lethal shot aswell as a great passer, Zidane was also a menace aerially (1st youtube video).

The impact he had on the game in the 1990's was indescribable. He scored brilliant goals at the right time in important matches. vs BRAZIL SKILLS

Brilliant skill, presence and control is what made Zidane one of the greatest players ever.

Are you like Zinedine Zidane?

-Do you have great control and skill
-Are you a threat in the air?
-Do you come alive at important times?
-Do you lack pace or defensive skill?


I hope this helps the guys who have always wondered,

Your hero, TheBrilliance


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Postby desire10 » 23 Apr 2011, 03:44

Wow, mod please rate a 5/5 sincerely from desire10.

Very well done!
Everything you need, is already inside.

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Postby G_ucc_i » 23 Apr 2011, 09:35

Very nice!
Can you please make one for a winger and forward?
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Postby p793 » 23 Apr 2011, 16:53

Brilliant. If you have ever have time, you should try and do them for all positions

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Postby TheBrilliance » 24 Apr 2011, 02:24

Yeah fella's more to come, more to come :D

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Postby desire10 » 24 Apr 2011, 02:33

TheBrilliance wrote:Yeah fella's more to come, more to come :D

Everything you need, is already inside.

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Postby TheBrilliance » 24 Apr 2011, 23:10

Btw Mods.

Do you think this section is the most appropriate for the thread??

I dont mind if you move it. Thanks :D

Next up strikers.

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Postby panchester07 » 24 Apr 2011, 23:21

What a great guide- Seriously standing ovasion to u man...
to know Him is to want to know Him more"

"i don't know where the limit is, but I know where it is not"

Tocar y moverse y tratarla siempre muy muy bien..'

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