Your opinion on Breaking Bad

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Your opinion on Breaking Bad

Post by scottS4 » 14 Dec 2012, 01:02

In the year without EF, I started watching Breaking Bad on netflix. Never thought I'd like a tv show as much as I like BB, the plot, the characters, the writing, the cinematography.. Everything about it is 10/10 in my opinion.

Anyone else love this show?

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Re: Your opinion on Breaking Bad

Post by Rome_Leader » 14 Dec 2012, 01:32

Best TV show since The Wire, IMO. Love everything about it, agree 100%. Gonna be sad when it's over...

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Re: Your opinion on Breaking Bad

Post by Croatianblood1 » 14 Dec 2012, 14:17

Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are definitely my two favorite shows on TV these days. Both of these shows keep me on the edge of my seat and I hate waiting for new episodes :((

But Breaking Bad takes the cake for me. I love that show and everything about it. Every episode keeps me wanting more and I always think that Walter is gonna get caught by Hank. Just a rollercoaster of a show and definitely the best show I have watched in years

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Re: Your opinion on Breaking Bad

Post by claud22 » 26 Dec 2013, 05:45

what a great work.

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