The Score to Carry Serie A Action in Canada Starting Aug. 28

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Serie A Soccer Shown Nationally In Canada!

Yes!! Can't wait. *marks calender*
Uninteresting/won't watch it. *yawn*
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The Score to Carry Serie A Action in Canada Starting Aug. 28

Post by Rome_Leader » 09 Aug 2010, 14:43

I can't wait for this. Aside from my Setanta subscription, The Score is my best source for watching good football/soccer in Canada, not to mention, they are my favorite sports station. But all they've really shown in the past is some Cup games and the EPL. I can hardly stand the crap they show on Rogers Sportsnet with their dumbass analysts. Lately though, there's been a renewed dedication to the sport on the station, likely due to the World Cup, and I tune in to The Footy Show for highlights and analysis whenever I can. Likely due to Inter's surging dominance, and a few Italian friendlies played in Toronto this year... The Serie A will finally be carried on the network!

Any fellow Canadians wanna weigh in on this? Will you be tuning in regularly when it starts showing?

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Post by scottS4 » 09 Aug 2010, 16:12

While I like The Score, I can't say the same about serie a, so I can't imagine myself watching many games. Perhaps the odd AC Milan game to check how Ronaldinho is playing.

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