Quaresmas last games and performances =he is gone from inter

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Quaresmas last games and performances =he is gone from inter

Post by panchester07 » 05 Feb 2009, 22:26

If anybody has seen inter play lately you could sniff that theyre not playing their best futbol! If anyone has focused on Quaresma you would wonder, whats all the hype for, he doesnt do ...... I have always seen Quaresma as an overrated player, yes a like how he dribbbbles but thats about it. Everytime i watch i say, your tellling me , you can beat 2,3 italian defenders and you cant cross a ball. He kicks the corners, and more than 3 times against torino i think he kicked it right in to the keepers hand! Then in a 1 on 1 he kicks it way over the goal, and continuously tries to dribble and fails! Zlatan is alone in the box and kicks it with the outside of the foot way over, stil zlatan applaudes the action!

I dont know, but he went from beeing a starter, to beeing borowed to chelsea. You could also see mourinho loose his patience with him.

What are your thoughts on Quaresma and his style and situation?
Is he overrated, does he overdue it, and does he need to work on passing and crossing.
Or is he good just had a bad day, and still one of the best in the world?

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Post by jonpollock » 05 Feb 2009, 23:06

i thought he was good at porto, maybe jumping to the italian league was too big of a step for him, well see how he plays for chelsea in epl, hes got the potential to be a brilliant player, hes just gotta start working for it

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Post by Evan » 05 Feb 2009, 23:09

He was pretty good at Porto and I loved watching vids of him. Then he went to Inter and gradually I noticed that he was getting worse and worse. I think he can do well at Chelsea because it is another chance. Hopefully he doesn't Fu*k it up!
On a different note everyone's pretty good with women when it comes to hookers... well except the sham-wow guy.

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