Do sliding shorts or Compression shorts help?

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ratherton wrote:They are a good idea if you are recovering from a groin injury as they help keep the muscle warm

Apart from that, I don't think the make any difference
as a matter of fact i am recovering from a groin injury and cant play, but do you think they are uncomfortable?? i like having space in that area if u know what i mean. and tight things make me uncomfortable

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helps prevent muscle pulls.
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Re: Do sliding shorts or Compression shorts help?

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Futbolstud wrote:
09 Oct 2005, 13:00
i was wondering if compression shorts help rather than regular underwear. They look alot more comftrable so i got a pair but does neone wear them r they just a fad or wat?
Do you know that some compression shorts are specifically designed as underwear? You can wear them in any season without any problem. Especially with the coming cooler weather. And especially if you work outside in it. Compression shorts tend to retain body heat more so that regular briefs or boxers. I have ordered a pair of high-quality Compression shorts from Supacore and I must say these compression shorts are made up of lightweight fabric that has strong moisture wicking property to prevent sweat. I have used it on a regular basis without any discomfort.

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