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by pickyourheadup
15 Feb 2013, 21:14
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: Motivation books-Your view?
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Re: Motivation books-Your view?

I'M BACK! :D From my experience, I've gotten the the most motivation from books, movies or music whose subject wasn't "motivation". In other words, inspiration can come from a variety of sources. One example is the book Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten . It's a book about life in ...
by pickyourheadup
09 Aug 2011, 23:01
Forum: Dribbling & Ball Control
Topic: Aerial First Touch
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A good way to imrove touch from the air is to juggle and volley the ball straight up with your laces. If done with correct technique, the ball should have no spin. When the ball comes back down, you use the same technique to control the ball and continue juggling. Imagine the ball is an egg and you ...
by pickyourheadup
13 Jul 2011, 16:46
Forum: Fun Activities
Topic: The Butler Game!
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There I did it. Cutting off body parts wasn't fun though.

Butler, please move the Earth 1 inch off of its current path.
by pickyourheadup
07 Jul 2011, 23:09
Forum: Nutrition
Topic: Having Too Pee!
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You should be hydrating yourself days before a tournament, not just the day before. This way you won't need to drink a lot during warmups.
by pickyourheadup
13 Jun 2011, 03:31
Forum: Lifestyle
Topic: Personal Issue
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For any of you that have read some of my earlier posts about my life, how I've never had a girlfriend, I don't have a ton of close friends and I don't go out to parties or whatever. You'll never know until you give it a shot. Honestly, you gain a lot more going out socializing than not. You don't e...
by pickyourheadup
12 Jun 2011, 16:20
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: We Need More Members
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I think it's nice to have a small community. Newbies get their questions answered quickly and effectively.

As expert said, EF is great for younger, developing players.
by pickyourheadup
01 Jun 2011, 18:38
Forum: Exercises
Topic: Sprinting and Plyometrics
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Instead of building a box, use a set of stairs:

by pickyourheadup
01 Jun 2011, 18:33
Forum: Training Videos
Topic: some futsal
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I agree with scott, futsal could be perfect for you. Assuming the rest of your game is as technical as your ground moves, how are your tactical abilities?

Try watching some futsal matches/highlights online: ... re=related
by pickyourheadup
01 Jun 2011, 18:21
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: photography
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Some of the best are the ones that are change in perspective where you're not just standing upright taking the picture. Zlatan5 said, work on your framing. For instance, the bottle picture is cut off on the top. I wouldn't depend on photoshop/paint too much. Make sure your photographs are good when ...
by pickyourheadup
17 May 2011, 19:05
Forum: Nutrition
Topic: need help grocery list
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Aside from fresh fruits and veggies, I snack on dried fruit, natural cheese, nuts. Before I snack, I usually ask myself if I'm actually hungry or thirsty.

Drink a lot of water.
by pickyourheadup
09 Apr 2011, 18:14
Forum: Injuries & Rehab
Topic: Lower back pain
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Check out this thread:

by pickyourheadup
03 Apr 2011, 13:27
Forum: Multimedia
Topic: Japanese dribbling kid
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Japanese dribbling kid

Granted, he looks like a ball hog, his skill is top notch. ... popt11us0a
by pickyourheadup
20 Mar 2011, 18:15
Forum: Exercises
Topic: Can anyone help me with these?
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Firstly, I'll point you to a couple of guides that should be at the core of your routine - BuzzingBee's Nutrition Guide -I made this guide for people like you (and me), who don't have access or the funds to a gym. It consists of mainly body weight exercises: Alternative Strength Training Secondly, I...
by pickyourheadup
20 Mar 2011, 17:43
Forum: Fun Activities
Topic: The “2-0 Down at Halftime in a Cup Final” team talk
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I'd probably say this speech:

...and no, I would keep every word. I would then proceed to tactics, reminding them of some ball movement tips.

bsc, I just got your pun sig. lmao
by pickyourheadup
17 Mar 2011, 12:34
Forum: Training Routine
Topic: Midfield Training
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Here is a set of wall drills that you could practice. Add in the dribbling after controlling the ball that you mentioned.

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