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On The Pitch
Thoughts of an American soccer dad - 2312 clicks

Soccer Days
Blog looking at the US soccer system - 1787 clicks

Blog dedicated to Scottish football from the heights of International level down to Division Three - 1783 clicks

Pat Colhoun
Blog with betting advice and tips by Scoobs - 1592 clicks

The Offside
An offbeat and irreverent blog about world football - 1467 clicks

The Yanks Are Coming
A news source for the US men's national team. - 1407 clicks

Soccer Weblog
Football news, opinions and humour - 1366 clicks

Socca Critics
Provides reviews and opinions on football matches of different club leagues and international tournaments - 1340 clicks

Football Corner
Blog with news and views of the footballing nature. Emphasizes on English football - 1322 clicks

Latest football news and highlights in Vietnamese - 1156 clicks

On This Football Day
Find out what happened every day in football history - 1093 clicks

Spanish Football Sports
Updates, comments, reviews and opinions on the latest in Spanish football - 1092 clicks

The Soccer Squirrel
Opinion-based soccer blog focusing on current issues within the world game - 1071 clicks

Blog explaining freestyle soccer tricks - 1012 clicks

The Soccer Source
Soccer blog with an American perspective - 900 clicks

The world's game with an American accent - 890 clicks

Soccer Spieler
Offer passionate views about the world of football, as well as exploring the intricacies of the sport that a regular soccer fan may sometimes overlook - 880 clicks

Soccer Net Live
Miscellaneous ramblings on soccer news - 823 clicks

Asia Soccer Page
Blog about Asian Soccer - 664 clicks

Part-time Pundit
Football gossip and half assed punditry blog. Features the latest football soccer scandals results and opinions from Australia, Europe, Asia and the Americas - 633 clicks

Sweeper Report
The Sweeper Report seeks to deliver soccer news and analysis from a fan's perspective - 592 clicks

The latest football news from the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and the UEFA Champions League - 424 clicks

The Glorious of Football
Blog about world of football with a focus on Europe and Malaysia. - 410 clicks

Cristiano Ronaldo Zone
Cristiano Ronaldo fan blog covering his career. - 380 clicks

Emirates Football Talk
Emirates Football Talk is a fanzine and the first football blog in UAE written in English. We offer you opinion and analysis on Emirates football and the UAE National Team - 379 clicks

Proven Quality
A football blog creating in-depth content about the world of football, interesting characters within the game, tactics and football finances. - 337 clicks

Nasty Tackle
Football news & highlights - 325 clicks

Keeper's Corner
Home of the Australian goalkeeper - tips, hints, news and reviews. - 267 clicks

Scary Football
World Cup, Premier League and La Liga news - 186 clicks

Discount Football Kits
Football blog for coaches or fans of the game. - 162 clicks