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Paid Coaching Sites

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Pro Training Programs
Paid training programs as used by professional athletes 454 clicks since
published 5 years ago
Soccer Clinics
A comprehensive coaching resource with over 3,000 pages of text. Paid membership required for accessing most articles 1928 clicks since
published 13 years ago
Offers one hundred computer animated soccer drills for PC or Mac. Costs $19.95 to sign-up. 1433 clicks since
published 12 years ago
Pay site with a database of over 500 soccer exercises, featuring detailed descriptions and highly-realistic 3-D illustrations 2058 clicks since
published 13 years ago
Vogel Soccer Mastery
Site for helping players, coaches and parents find that optimal blend of a healthy competitive spirit and good sportsmanship. 489 clicks since
published 6 years ago
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